Monday, 30 June 2014

My Motivation has been Flattened by Overindulgence

I knew moving back home would never be easy and with no plan for the future I have let the pressure get to me. For the first time in my life the future holds no certainty for me and this has had a severe impact on me over the course of the past five months. In the last month alone I have seen my weight rise week by week by the pound and it would be ignorant of me if I pretended I had no idea why.

I have made poor upon poor choices when it has come to food and what I have chosen to let pass my lips. It hasn't been takeaway after takeaway or even binge after binge, but by overeating on numerous occasions, meal after meal the consequences of my actions are beginning to show on my waist line. I have finally come to terms with the fact that this is a thing that I will always have to battle with and fight against. But it's the way that I choose to fight through these circumstances that will grow to define me. And I need to admit that I haven't been finding...I couldn't find my feet fast enough and I began to fall short.

My mentality has been all over the place and I have talked myself out of so many opportunities over the past six months. This period in my life has tested me the most so far, and I feel like I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel as they say.

It's not going to be easy getting back on track, especially with the eating and the exercise but it is something that I have grown to need in my life. It's presences provides an outlet that promotes stability and when I don't have that present in my life my cracks begin to show and I tend to fail. It has taken me a while to realise that exercise and a good, healthy diet is essential, but it is something definitely worth fighting for.

I think that's enough explanation and it is definitely time to begin yet another chapter in this sometimes tedious journey we call life! This realisation has come at the right time because tomorrow it will be July....and the let down that was June can fade into the past.