Thursday, 31 January 2013

Question Time

Random question time is something I've been wanting to do for a while. Thanks to Kenlie and Brittany whose blogs I read and inspired this post.

So here goes.

Favourite Season?
I have 2: Winter because it's Christmas and Summer because I love the heat and it's my birthday.

Summer Flowers #flowers, #nature, #pinsland,
Favourite colour?
I'd have to say blue is my favourite colour.
Don't know what the flower theme is about!

Favourite number?
It's always been the day I was born, so 4.

Number Four, Trev Yoder

Favourite type of food?
It used to be Chinese. But lately I haven't really been cooking/ or eating anything in particular.
(I guess I've watched too many episodes of Food Inspectors. I have a love/hate relationship with that show.)

question mark symbol made of clouds

Hot or Cold?
I naturally run cold. My hands are always freezing; sometimes even in the summer or even when I go abroad. But I definitely are a heat kind of a girl. Love the sun.


Favourite Drink?
This varies from day to day. Last week I was loving green tea and water (bottled). Why does water always taste better in a bottle?

green tea
Not my cup. But I want!
Shoes or Handbags?
Shoes all the way. I have acquired quite a collection of converse over the years.
I actually have the red in this design.

Flats or Heels?
I'm a practical kind of a girl, so flats. But there's nothing wrong with a heel on an evening out or special occasion.
Loving these! Brogues with a pop of neon at Boden
I have Black Brogues but these Brown ones are cute.

Favourite piece of Jewellery?
I'd have to say I LOVE rings. I always where at least one on my left hand.

not your average
Once again not my hand, but it's a cute way to wear rings a different way and it's on my Pinterest Jewellery board.
Favourite Nail Varnish?
At the moment Nude. Actually my new obsession is a Rimmel varnish called Caramel Cupcake, which sounds good but looks good. It's great if you want something on your nail that's neutral.

Love nude.... Caramel cupcake by rimmel.
Those aren't my nails, but you get the picture. And it looks great on all skin tones.

Favourite television programme at the moment?
Ok so I have a few. Girls, 2 Broke Girls, The New Normal and that new Kevin Bacon show is good. The Following. My mom told me to try it and you know what it's really good.

Girls, Season 1 DVD2 Broke Girls Super drĂ´le, j'adore

I can't believe it's the last day of January already. This month has flown by, though Christmas doesn't feel that far gone.

Enjoy the last day of January.

Anyway I best get going and get ready. I have an appointment to get to, then I have a late Uni class.

Tell me some of your favourites :) !

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


                                              WIAW Teal

Or what I've been eating lately as it's easier and I'm forgetful. But I'm going to definitely make an effort this week - maybe to even photograph every bit of food I eat, just as an experiment. Nothing obsessive it would just be to see as I'm a curious bunny.

This morning has been one of productivity, and I got all my errands for the day out of the way. All but a few calls I need to make but they be put on hold until tomorrow when I don't have to be in Uni until late.

I even popped into Costa and treated myself to an Iced Soya Latte. Lately every time I drink warm/hot coffee I feel nauseous, so I will continue to enjoy my Iced Coffees.

Evidence: Forgot to take the photo before I'd drank it.

We (me and my best friend) usually make pancakes on Sunday mornings, but this week we hadn't got eggs - I know! One of us always has eggs. Anyways we got eggs Sunday afternoon so we could make pancakes Monday morning. I usually make One big American style pancake for us both, but this time I decided to go with little ones as an experiment and they were the best yet.

Even though they might not look it, these babies were tasty. I had mine with crunchy peanut butter spread on top and a nectarine on the side. Recipe from Roni.

I've been trying to vary up my breakfasts lately, as I'm struggling with stomach problems that I'm on medication for. But on Saturday I brought some Weight Watchers bagels for cheap. Believe it or not I've never tried bagels. My bro and sis have them all the time but I've never been that bothered, and to be honest the calorie content scared me. But these were a steal both in price and in calories - so I went for it.
I had this with a weight watchers meal below.

Didn't think this meal was going to be enough. But with the bagel and some half fat mature cheddar it was just right, and just what I needed.
I also had a bagel with egg for breakfast/dinner today and I'm really liking bagels. I may buy other kinds and try them with PB.

Freezing these babies was not the best idea. A nightmare to break apart again, hence the mess above.

We went to the cinema last night to see Django Unchained. It was amazing. Got to love Tarantino. The cinema was absolutely packed with only a few seats spare. And you know that atmosphere in a cinema where everyone comes together, and you are laughing at the same parts. Well it was definitely one of them nights yesterday. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves Tarantino films or those who don't. Obviously it's an 18 plus rating so blood and gore is to be expected.

Anyway, getting back on track. What I wanted to say before I decided to do a movie review was to say I knew before I got there I wanted butter sweet popcorn. And I had it. Only a small one but it was enough, actually I could have shared it.

Having a treat like this once in a while is fine, and I didn't feel as though I'd over done it. 

Have a happy Wednesday ;-)

And thanks to Jenn for hosting.

Monday, 28 January 2013

I'm Choosing To Be Happy In My Monday

It's a whole lot harder to be marvellous in my Monday this week. I'm hoping it's just what week it is in the month ;-).

Today I plan on getting a lot done Uni work wise. Books need to be read and notes need to be made, not to mention assignments need to be started. But it is my plan today to be productive, because when I am productive I'm positive and I think being positive contributes to being marvellous.

Yesterday was basically spent waking up at a late hour (11:20 - I know!), going for a walk into town, and reading 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' for my 09:15 lec/sem tomorrow. By the way having Gilmore Girls on in the background whilst you work, although it seems like a good idea at the time - let's face it it isn't.

So without further ado here's what quotes will be keeping me going this Monday.

I need to be reminded of this right now. So true.
If anything it worsens it!

It's something that's so easy to do :-)

And today I'm choosing to enjoy, live and be happy.
This is something I've been guilty of the entire weekend. I got too caught up in me and instead of venting I internalised everything until I was ready to burst. I should have remembered a problem shared is a problem halved.

Oh and this was my face this weekend when a certain package came.

I'm a  massive Die Hard fan, love Bruce Willis. I cannot wait until the fifth installment comes out later next month. I will definitely be going to see it.

Enjoy your Monday :-) Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lately...I'm feeling Lost

Lately, I can't shake the feeling of not knowing where I'm going. There doesn't seem to be a highlighted road or whatever you want to say. But I'm trying to watch those feelings and ignore them, trying to shake them off/away. I know nobody likes feeling this way. So to cheer myself up I go on Pinterest and get inspired by whatever I can. Whatever I can find to boost my mood I re-pin it, and save it for later to look back through whenever those rough, low days hit. Here's what's been inspiring and cheering me up today.

words to live by
It's easy to get the simple things at tough times. Here's a reminder.

Sometimes it is harder to get started than it is to continue on.
So true!
Just a little reminder for when times are tough.

I love this image and quote I pinned. I know some people (including myself) get caught up in the idea of being 'thin' or 'skinny', when what I should really be working on is being healthy. But I also know that 'healthy' means something different to every person. 
From now on I will strive to be healthy - not have unhealthy thoughts to be thin.

Failure is not falling down
I spent all of last year refusing to get back up, and I'm trying not to make that same mistake this year.

If you stumble, make it part of the dance!
Perfect doesn't exist. No matter how much you strive for it, so mistakes are all part of life. Use  them.

These quotes have brightened my day today. I hope they brighten and inspire yours!

Does anybody else get that lost/stuck in one place thing?

Any quotes you love?

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

It's Just Weight Right?

Lately the scale doesn't seem to be shifting. Now, logically I know why that is. I need to eat better, get my fruit and veggies in and I need to begin consistently working out again. The truth is I guess I'm scared to fail. I've been all weights and sizes, and most of them have been unhealthy. I don't eat so too low. I overeat I go back up to a healthy yet high weight for my height and I don't feel good. And that's why I'm making a good go at this blog. I want to have accountability. I want to have balance.

So at the moment the scales hovering around 149.5-150.25. I know not a big fluctuation considering what the time of the month it is. But it still gets me down and makes me disappointed with my food choices and lack of exercise choices. I mean when I am at Uni I'm walking everywhere. To class, into town to get my shopping. I don't generally stop, but I think I need to start making a better go at things.

Your beauty and worth cannot be measured - especially not by the bathroom scale!
When I found this on Pinterest this morning after I'd weighed in, it really resonated with me. Because up until I had weighed in I was doing and feeling fine. So why the change?

Speaking of exercise, when I'm working out it's fine. I'd go as far as saying I enjoy it. I enjoy the sweat and the achiness of the different muscles the day after. But for me it's consistency and the determination to get going that's difficult for me. But I think it could only be for the best to get moving and start going.

I'm excited to go. But at the moment not so excited about getting my bare legs out!
I'm going to Paris in June with my best friend and like I mentioned at the bottom of the previous post I'd like to lose 15/20 lbs before I go. But making sure I do it the healthy way, eating fresher more natural foods and exercising on a regular basis. I used to love exercising when I was younger but that's before it became an obsession to purposely walk everywhere even if people offered me a lift or to lift weights even though I'd barely eaten all day. The things that made these choices unhealthy were my mentality. The actual things I were doing would have been fine if my diet and thoughts were healthy but they weren't. And it's something that's haunted me for years.

Hopefully over the weeks leading up to Paris I can deal with some of these issues through balance of diet and exercise.

As my blog title reads I'm just a girl Searching For A Healthier Life.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What I've been eating lately?

It's really been a mixture between healthy and "naughty" so to speak. But after the holidays I would say balance is well and truly back. I'll let the pics say the rest.

Shreddies! with sultanas can't get enough of these lately.

Wraps. They look rubbish, but these baby's were damn tasty.

Quorn sausages with a two egg, mushroom and cheese omelette and of course ketchup.

Green Tea is something I'm loving again.

Grapes nice and cold from the fridge.

My bottle of red and white is now gone!

Doesn't look appetising but curry and rice weight watchers meal with a few chips and lots of broccoli  mixing the naughty with the nice.

Sugarpuffs. I used to adore these as a kid. And now I adore them as an adult.

Love these mixed seeded Ciabatta's I get from Tesco, so fresh. I had chicken slices, cheese and various salads on this baby.

Egg wrap with cheese and mushrooms. So so good. Does anybody else get cravings for cheese?

Hopefully I can work on being a little healthier this week and see a good weight loss this/next week. I would probably like to lose 15/20 lbs before Paris just to look healthier and not worry about wearing shorts say with bare legs.

It's a working progress.

Have a happy Wednesday :-)

P.S - My first WIAW so thanks for Jenn for hosting.
Hopefully there will be many more to come.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Random Weekend Thoughts

I'm aware it's Monday but as my schedule has changed this semester and I now get Mondays off it kind of still feels like the weekend.

I was sort of free as of Thursday evening, and I could wait to get home from my late class to the warmth and a giant glass of wine. Plus it started to snowing Thursday before I left to go to my lecture and it was truly magical. I love the snow and was annoyed we didn't get any here in England over Christmas. Anyways, so it snowed here, but the catch with snow is that I never want it to stop.

I'm back to loving Pinterest now I have more time to waste and here are some of the quotes I came across recently:

little by little, a little becomes A LOT! Agree, think of this with your diet and exercise!

Love this saying and it reminds me when I'm having a low day that the small things to count.

To change your body, you must change your mind.

Another great saying, and I definitely agree. If I'm in a good place mentally, I'm in a good place physically.

2013 Let's Do This.

No explanation needed.

J.K. Rowling

I've recently found my love for reading (just for me) has returned. Last semester it was hard to get into a good book, as I continuously had a book to read for the next class. And although that's still true I'm finding the time.

Love it! wine calories glass, but must admit I don't want to know on my own wine glasses as they are big!

Again no explanation. Once my essays were handed in Thursday I relaxed with a large class of white wine.


Something I tell myself at least once a day.


I totally get this and it definitely rang true when I handed in my essays last week. What if they aren't good enough? I could have done better. These thoughts were continuously running through my head and it's not healthy. I need to banish them. I admit the wine did help ;-).

"Sexual harassment is bad. So no one touch anyone in any funny places unless specifically asked."
An Old Show I Love!
The image above and below are two of my favourite shows that always cheer me up when I'm feeling down.

Cast of 'Girls': Zosia Mamet, Jemima Kirke, Allison Williams and Lena Dunham
Next to an new show I Love!

Saying that I have noticed recently that I have a love for all shows with Girls/Girl in the title, with exceptions of course.

There's Girls, Gilmore Girls, New Girl, Two Broke Girls. I think I have an addiction! But it's nothing to worry about. I swear. It just costs me a lot in dvd's.

Anyway it's about time I got off here and got some work done.

P.S- this is my first MIMM so thanks to Katie  for hosting :-)