Monday, 27 January 2014

Random Snaps Over The Weekend

On writing this on Sunday night and I honestly don't know where the weekend has gone. It's been an odd one that's for sure. Not for any particular reason other than it just was... How vague was that comment haha.

happy solez

It all started on Friday which started busy and then dropped off. I went to class, then the doctors about my stomach issues (yet again), and then I naughtily went shopping before heading and staying home until dinner with my friend teatime. I just needed to chill out and avoid the library. I've been doing great so far, by keeping on top of everything and being well prepared. And so far I think my hard work is paying off...I just need to keep plodding, plodding along for the entire semester - fingers crossed!

But because I've been spending so long in the library I sort of feel as though I am missing out on other things. Like the gym, my usual eating pattern and fresh air haha. But I think I've come up with a compromise too all these things, something that will give the balance I need.

I wish I could get to the gym everyday, but honestly the thought of having to either wash my hair everyday or deal with greasy hair the next day isn't enticing in the slightest! In the summer I didn't mind. I had time to kill and working out, then taking a shower fit into my schedule. Now, however, it does not. And I am beginning to learn that that luxury I once had isn't in my immediate future. In a few months time I am going to be a graduate and from what I've heard and what is just common sense, entering the working world doesn't leave much time for a sweaty gym session everyday. So I guess that it's better to learn to balance sooner rather than later, right? Any other students out there having the same problems?

But like I said I am just splitting my days. Both are a priority but for different reasons.

My health, my children & family and my happiness. My priorities

So far it's kind of working, which kind of explains my weekend. I didn't feel too well after the meal Friday. We kept it cheap and simple with a trip to the Harvester (unpictured). But after one pint of beer my stomach had twisted itself into many knots etc  and I was in a lot of pain. This meant I got back, crashed on my bed and never got back up again. And apart from being in tremendous pain it was bliss to just sit back lie down and relax.

In the end I didn't get to sleep until about one and that meant I had six hours sleep until the dreaded alarm. Which never came because I must of a.) not set it or b.)turned it off and rolled back over or c.) I set it but my phone plays up and it didn't go off. It's either a or c. We will never know. But luckily I woke up for some reason or rhyme at 07:47 in a blind panic of it's light outside which means I'm late for work. I usually leave at 08:00 so that I am there for 08:30, but I didn't end up leaving until 08:07. To be honest I am surprised I got ready so quick. There was no make-up or time to style my hair. I brushed my teeth and hair, then threw my work clothes on and ran (well, walked fast) to work. And surprisingly I wasn't late...

That anecdote basically sums up my weekend...

Saturday I got back after work, and in an attempt not to fall asleep I showered then cleaned. Kind-of a bizarre order to do things, but I refused to nap and throw off or waste the rest of the day. The shower woke me up, and for some reason I just needed to clean something/anything. I instigated a cleaning of all the communal areas and thoroughly blitzed my room. I got rid of clothes I never wear and the only thing left to sort out is a couple of drawers of paperwork.

Then on Sunday I lay in until 11:30, again it was bliss. Although I had previously woken up at 06:15 and read for an hour, I'm so glad that I went back to sleep. Then I got up and done something I haven't in ages. I broke out my new yoga mat and started stretching, which I then followed up with some ab exercises and you know felt great. Why in the world was I putting it off? Silly me.

And then from there on I've just caught up on everything blog and YouTube related...

Then it was time for the weekly food shop.

And these are the random pics I snapped over the weekend...

Friday Night crashing in my Pink and Fluffy Dressing Gown!

Raspberry Yoghurt, Sunflower Seeds and Cereal Bar.

My new favourite snack #can'tgetenough.

Brunch on the go Saturday on my Work Break. I love this Gregg's Sandwich. 

Saturday Night Dinner: It was my favourite meal of the week #leftovers.

Why so many tissues?

A lot of this!

English Literature Student Issues...

Stretching + Ab Work before breakfast Sunday Morning.

Back to Basics and an old favourite!

Writing up Blog Posts.

Tomato Soup and a Buttered Roll = Perfect Cold Weather Food.

And to round off the meal I enjoyed the last two Apple Muffins. They taste sooo good with Nutella!

Any Weekend Highlights Your End?

Favourite Weekend Meal?

Thanks for hosting this link-up Katie :D #MIMM

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Sunday, 26 January 2014


I am someone who sets goals all the time, in all areas of my life. I have a diary and that's where I write them all down. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes I'm not. But when I was having CBT for my anxiety I learnt something important. It's not enough to just set goals. The goals you set need to be tailored and precise. Specific goals will set you up for success. And with my experience the more specific the goal the better I am in achieving that goal.

The goals that I have been setting recently haven't been enough specific. I give myself a week for each goal, and then reassess based on the progress I've made with that particular goal. But I think my goals have been too airy fairy and I've been trying to set too many goals. Instead, I need to re-focus the goals I am setting and work on one area at a time.

People with clear, written #goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.
I love facts like this! (Source)

"If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goal." -Norman Vincent Peale

They know if they have developed a plan to support that goal, their roadmap! Our new workbook can show you how!
So Pretty :D (Source)

These were my goals that I set Sunday 19th:

Drink more Squash/Water

No Eating past 7pm

Portion Control


It's too much to do that and everything else that I want to do.

My goals need to not feel overwhelming, but at the same time I need them to feel like I am being challeneged.

This weeks goals are as follows Sunday 26th:

Do at least two sessions where I focus on abs, arms and stretching

Get to the Gym twice.

Drink more (always a goal)

Smaller Portions

No eating past 7 pm

As you've noticed, some of these goals will feature week after week. That's because I want to make them habits, and they will be added until I don't need a goal set and I am doing naturally.

Do you set goals?

What do you set goals for?

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WIAW: Since I've Been Back At University

Since being back at Uni after the Christmas season it was honestly nice to see an apple and a salad. When I've been eating heavy, indulgent meals I seriously end up missing the greens in my life. I don't know how people eat like that all year round. I like my chocolate, but I think it's best in moderation.

Saying that I picked up the best treat over the weekend. I love Ferrero Rocher choccies anyways but this year I have found them in mini egg form. I ask you, what could be better? I reckon a bag a week until Easter is in order. Did I already mention chocolate moderation? Whoops. But these are seriously good. I don't usually go for the typical mini eggs and Easter eggs that come out, but these babies are right up my street!

Ok, it's time to confess! I brought the packet on's now Tuesday and there's two eggs left. Although, I did give two to my housemates to now I don't feel too bad....sort of.

First of all thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Yes, I thought they were so good I had to instagram them!

There has always been a lot of You can tell I've had three essays due!

But it hasn't all been terrible and ruining my insides, I have also been sipping this beauty, a new to me green tea - Orange Blossom and Elderflower...I think.

I also re-discovered some of my old favourites. PB and banana on toast is always good in my book. And I've also added in a pro-biotic vanilla yoghurt drink that I was taking in the summer. It's tasty and it helps your gut, what's not to like there?

As you can tell I've also re-discovered my love for yoghurt. This one was ok, but not worth the repurchase, and I through in some banana bread for good measure. Tasty, but not tasty enough for repurchases. 

Oranges. I brought some Vitamin C Tabs the other day because I've been feeling a little under the weather, but I decided why not take the tabs and eat the real thing! Winner...Winner...

Another thing I can't get enough of is eggs. I like the boiled, poached, fried, name it, I've had it in the last few weeks.

I made a big batch of pasta the other day and have been mixing and matching it ever since. And I haven't been able to get enough of cheese or salad lately. More cheese than salad though, sadly for my waist anyways ;-D

Oh and on Sunday night we had/made lasagne as a house. It was good, but a bit too dense and unhealthy for my liking, so I am definitely going to have to make a healthier version. Does a healthier version of lasagne even exist? I'm not sure, but I dread to hear the fat and calories in the lasagne that I ate. Leftovers have been put in the freezer.

Soup and Rolls is another one that I've been loving. Especially the Tuscan Bean Soup that I get from Tesco.

Jackets have also been on the menu. Tasty, Cheap and Filling. What's not to love about that?

And finally these beauties! I got the basis of the recipe from Monica at Run Eat Repeat, you can find it here. But I did put my own spin on it! And they were definitely tasty. Thank you for the inspiration Monica.

Apple Muffins

What was the best thing you made this week?

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Simple Weekly Goals

Starting last week I decided to set some goals. Little goals for habits and things in general that I want to improve.

My three goals were to; drink more fluids, stop eating after half past seven, and to get to the gym four times.

clock this


Jug of water with fruit- they had this at a hotel I stayed at once. It was really good! Especially for people like me who have trouble drinking plain unflavored water.

Like this saying.
-get fit in the gym. lose weight in the kitchen.

The first two I did quite successfully. I tried to drink at least two litres a day in mostly squash or/and water and only on two days did I eat past that time because I hadn't realised the time. But on getting to the gym I only made it there twice. Looking back at the week I had, in retrospect I think four times was very ambitious. I had two classes to attend, two assignments to hand in of a total of 6000 words, and to top it off I had a Saturday shift that I ended up working an extra shift for because someone phoned in ill. So looking back, shooting four a four was ambitious and I am now glad that I at least attended the gym twice and got a couple good workouts in.

My goal at the gym at the moment is to improve my endurance with both my cardio and strength and once again build myself up after taking a break over Christmas. Which I am not going to lie, it has been hard. Before Christmas I do not remember things being this hard! I know I'll get back there, but it's just going to require my time like last semester.

Instead of setting myself up for not failure, but just an unachievable goal. This week my aim exercise wise is to workout four times; twice at the gym, and twice a kettle-bell, arms and abs workout. When I was younger and first began working out at around fourteen, I would always focus on my abs but in the past couple of years I have neglected working on them due to stomach issues and it being a bit painful. But my goal this semester in general is to strengthen and condition the top of my body, which basically includes all of my main muscles. My back, shoulders, abs, triceps, biceps and obliques. I will have goals for other areas but this is the main area I wish to improve, because I now think it is having a knock on effect to my cardio because I can't hold certain positions and tend to slump when I workout and I think that's down to not having the strength in my back and abdomen.

Today is my first ab, arm, kettle-bell short workout thing, so I will let you know how it goes. Yesterday was a gym day and so will Thursday. I am also hoping to get out for a 40 minute walk on Sunday and clear the lungs, which I haven't done since November - it;s embarrassing if it's before that jeez.

My other goals for this week, which are less specific are to drink more squash and water, no eating past seven (and the reason I do this is because it disrupts my sleep and my energy levels the next day if I eat late) and the last one is to portion control. Lately, I have been eating in my eyes a little more than I need to be, causing me to feel bloated and lethargic etc. By cutting down on those unnecessary calories each day I am hoping that helps the bloat, stops me feeling lethargic and even has an affect on the scale. It's basically portion control at its simplest.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Sunday Snaps

I was going to name this 'Over the Weekend', but I ended up working all day Saturday, so there really wasn't anything to show there!

But I had a good Sunday until I got the headache from hell and had to request no lights. I dimmed my laptop and chilled by candlelight and eventually went upstairs to my room to chill. Every now and then I need a break from the downstairs environment. Don't get me wrong, I love sharing a house with friends but sometimes it becomes too much and I am someone who loves their own company anyway. So I think I am going to have a chill on my own kind of a week. Don't get the wrong idea. I am not going to be locked in a dark room by myself. Instead I will catch up on the YouTube videos I like to watch and get some work done, as well as having some "me" time. Which for me is necessary.

Here are some pics I took. It was just a chilled Coffee and Shopping sort of a day.

First there was sunshine, which already brightened up my day. I mean who doesn't enjoy breaking out there sunglasses in late January.

It was a cake day. This is the Tirimisu Costa have in at the moment. And to be honest I wouldn't be purchasing again.

I drove to the shops.

I took a selfie whilst I waited for a friend. I actually managed to put make up on yesterday. Therefore, you know it was a good day.

I had freshly painted nails that had no chips. Today they are already destroyed! How does that happen?

And to end the day on a high there was lasagne.

That's basically my Sunday summed up in six photos. Minus the damage of what I actually brought. Did I need a new mascara, no, but did I buy one? Maybe...

Thanks to Katie for hosting, and
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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Weekly Update.



(n.) a healthy state of mind, characterized by self-control, moderation, and a deep awareness of one's true self, and resulting in true happiness

This is my word of the day! And definitely reflects how I am feeling at the moment.

This week is one I am calling a success. Not only did I make both my University deadlines but I also got to the gym twice. Score.

On Monday and Wednesday I had deadlines and then on Tuesday and Thursday I hit the gym. And today I had to go class and then food shopping, so all in all not a bad attempt at a stressful week. Next week should revert back to normal. I should have my classes and then the rest is up to me. On top of the two classes I am taking this Semester I have my dissertation and on top of that I have to search and apply for jobs. So although I am only doing three hours in class every week this semester, I am definitely not going to be bored or have lots of free time.

In fact, this semester may actually be my busiest yet. Other than another deadline on Monday for a Creative Writing module I took last semester, I have no other deadlines until March. But I guess the dissertation and the job search are going to ongoing deadlines that I meet every week by chipping away at them.

I haven't come up with an exact plan yet, but I was thinking;

- One day dedicated to... Dissertation. - One day dedicated to...Job searching. - One day dedicated to assignments. and the rest I would change accordingly depending on the week. Obviously this isn't set in stone and I can swap around days depending on how I feel. But the most important thing is that I get my hours in for each and none of them become neglected, like I have done so, so, many times before.

Managing to get to the gym twice felt bad but so good at the same time. I felt good for dragging my butt there even though it was a busy week but I felt terrible! I have lost a bit of stamina and strength I think, which sucks. But I am hoping to work hard this semester and get it back! That's for sure. There's a chance I may be going on holiday in may and with that chance I am taking it in both hands and repping with it. If I don't go I still look good and feel good, right. So it's not for nothing.

My diet has been good, but not a hundred percent where I would like to be. But I keep reminding myself that with every meal I get another chance. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But by keep repeating it, I am hoping it's a habit that sticks.

I am basically heading in the right direction.

There's not a doubt in my mind that I am ever going to be "perfect". It's not what I strive for.  And that goes for both my body, my eating habits and my exercise frequency etc. It just not possible if you want to enjoy your life. There's needs to be a balance of everything, and I am finally getting to grips with it.

Well, it only took me twenty years haha.

I still haven't weighed myself and I am not sure when I want to face it, but right now I feel like I am doing ok without it. Maybe sometime next week?

I want to work on myself without looking at the scale. And at the moment I am ok with that. But next week...who knows.

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Monday, 13 January 2014

The Quote That Got Me Through The Weekend...

I haven't got the time to do a long post this morning because I am currently working to a deadline that is today! But I didn't want to miss this link-up because it's one of my favourites and I've missed it so many times since November.

But today I wanted to share with you a quote that got me through the weekend...

Have a great Monday and thank you for hosting Katie!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

I'm Running on Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Caffeine...

need this as a tattoo

I love that quote.

Between working full-time this week and sleeping until 1 on my days off, I am wiped! I am running on dark chocolate, peanut butter and caffeine and it's not a pretty picture. I managed to get some chores done. I hung up my clean washing that's been sitting the washing bag for days. Disgusting I know. But I still haven't got around to changing my bed, hoovering my room and just having a general clean.

This week my priorities were to work my hours instead of finish my school assignments and on reflection that may have been a bad decision. But times of tight and some extra cash could help. So I have basically spent the past few days playing catch-up. That means the gym has been put on hold.

I managed to get a gym session in Friday and my upper chest is still quite sore. But that's all I've managed exercise wise this week. Like I said my priorities didn't match my previous goals this week. But I accommodated and didn't do too badly. My eating hasn't been super clean but I've been trying and it's a step in the right direction.

I have my goals for this week already written down in my diary, and they go as follows.

*Drink more fluids.

*Go to they gym 4 times (one of those may be changed to a walk, given my two assignment deadlines).

*Avoid eating after 7.30 pm.

Drinking more fluids seems to always be a goal of mine, but it works to remind myself how important it is.

I always want to get to the gym and once these deadlines are over things will be easier to make that a reality.

And finally not eating after a certain time has always been a good goal of mine. And when I get into the swing of things this is an easy one to maintain! It's all about exercising that willpower again. Like any other muscle I know it will get stronger with repetition.

If You Still Talk About It, You Still Care About It.
Or Write About It...

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year, New Me...?

Like I said in Mondays post for MIMM, I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions. When I was in Secondary School or High School, whichever you prefer, I was. But I haven't made them in years. Instead I find it more helpful to set them whenever I choose to. You can choose to be a new you every day you wake up. That's in your control and 24 hours doesn't change anything. 

But what I will write down is my goals for the month of January.

Three goals seems a reasonable number to start here they are. Oh and these will more than likely be beginning when I get back to Cheltenham, as I am spending the next few days with my family.

To exercise five days out of seven.

and that doesn't necessarily mean get to the gym. That can be anything I want it to be. Maybe walks or a dvd or even strength exercises.

To drink as much fluids as I can; mainly water and squash.


To eat a 80% fresh foods diet.

When the holidays are over some may find it hard to quickly convert, but if I am honest I am really craving an apple now! 

Can't wait for normality to begin and routines to revert back to normal. It really can't come sooner. I love to relax my diet and skip workouts in order to spend time with friends and family, but I am all ready for it to be over with.

The reason I'm not setting any weight goals yet, and this is just a personal choice, is because I am not going to weigh in. Maybe I will at the end of the month, or I might even leave it until the beginning of March. I can feel for myself when I am being healthy and doing everything I am supposed to be doing. And so I am not going to weigh-in knowing I will see a gain. Call it what you will. But for me this is the best way to proceed.

I am also thinking about trying out a challenge. My last challenge was back in October, and I attempted a squatting challenge. Can't remember how far I had gotten now, but I didn't fully complete it, which was a little disappointing.

Here are a few I am considering...courtesy of Pinterest!

Arms, arms, beautiful arms

30-Day Ab Challenge.


Any challenges that you are embarking on in the month of January?

Have you set your January goals yet?

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