Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Snacking, More Snacking and Pizza

Happy WIAW everyone :-D As always thanks to Jenn for hosting!

As the title suggests yesterday's eats consisted of snacking and then Pizza. Not the best eats I could have shown, but honesty is always the best policy, and it's not like we don't all have those days. In Tuesday's post (aka yesterday, god knows why I typed that), I mentioned that there would be pizza rearing it's tasty head and I am happy to report that there was.

And here's the glorious evidence. Sorry I'm not sorry, am I right?

I understand it's not the best meal I could have had by a mile. But sometimes in life you just have to indulge, and I have finally learnt that it's not always a bad thing.

Yesterday I had a dissertation meeting first thing in the morning, and then I had to go library to see a friend and print some work of. Bearing in mind I didn't get back until after 12 and by then I was ready for food. I basically inhaled some toast with margarine and strawberry jam (unpictured for the above reasons). Note to self: Always carry a snack! 

I had water with me luckily, but all I had eaten was cough sweets, since I was spluttering my guts up yesterday morning.

The day was spent productively, but the days I notice are also going fast. No! I am not ready, but I have the feeling that I will finish the degree, hand in my diss and still not feel ready in the slightest. I'll be honest though, it has just clicked that I need to be prepared and work needs to be done everyday, meaning no solid days off for me for a while.


So we went food shopping yesterday, and since I've been back since it's just a ten minute walk into town I have only been taking my car out once a week. And this has been working out well so far. That way it allows us to get some food shopping in at stores we need to travel to. But when I got back I was informed that Pizza O'clock was 6. Fine with me, but by 4pm I was in serious need of a snack - enter here the healthy and unhealthy-ish of snacks. For the second time yesterday I was once again inhaling my food! Which I know isn't good for my stomach, but neither is hunger right?

Thank goodness there was fruit somewhere in there right?

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