Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sort of Healthy Cheesecake?

Ok so the recipe was supposed to be a healthier version of a classic cheesecake. But putting the needed ingredients into the mixing bowl it didn't feel very healthy at all. Me and my best friend Al are always baking; scones, biscuits, sponge cakes, brownies, muffins. We love trying new things, but neither of us have ever tried to bake/make a cheesecake. Mainly out of shock of the ingredients, fat content, calories etc.  So when I found this lighter, lower fat recipe we thought we'd give it a go.

 The base was pretty simple 12 digestives crushed finely and 2tbsp butter/margerine melted and mixed in with the biscuits, creating the delicious base. This was Al's part of the masterpiece that is our cheesecake.

 This is me looking like I know what I'm doing with the eggs and cream cheese mixture.

 The part in the mixture where I began worrying about the consistency and texture. Lookily as you can see from the pic below it came together. Panic over!

Al completely massacred this orange and lemon, which the recipe said to add the zest of each. After googling what zest was (yes we forgot), we added it! Won't be doing that again was completely over powering and too much. But because we all love cheesecake so much it was still devoured in two days. A respectful time for cheesecake to last I do be thinking :)

So after letting it cool down when it came out of the oven after 55 minutes on 140 c (fan assisted), we put it in the fridge overnight (the recipe said eight hours) and was excited when we got up (yes we are that sad) to find... ta dah! A CHEESECAKE.

We definitely want to make another. Maybe a chocolate brownie one. Sounds yum right?

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