Wednesday, 28 August 2013

It's Wednesday...Again?

So it's that day of the week again, where we get together to share our recent eats. In my case I am going to share my favourite things I've been eating recently. Literally that bank holiday at the beginning of the week as thrown me completely. So it got to tea-time yesterday and I was taking a photo of my meal, because it looked good and then I remembered that tomorrow/today is WIAW. Which is one of my favourite blogger link-ups that I like taking part in, and then I suddenly had to come up with a spin on things. Genuinely forgetting about taking pictures hasn't happened to me in a while.

But I don't know about you, but I either can't stop taking photos of my eats or it becomes a chore and it seems like a hassle suddenly? Lately though I just seem to be more interested in the eating that I entirely forget the photographing part.

I may start doing daily uploads in some form or way of my every mouthful or slurpful. Ok, so slurpful isn't a word but you guys get the idea. I'm hoping to get snappy happy! So stay tuned to my instagram and twitter accounts.

Moving on to my recent "favourite" eats.

Peas and Crayons

 An Old Favourite.

I found these when I was shopping with my mom the other day. And this flavour is amazing : D

Porridge, Berries and Nutella.

Love this combination at the moment. Can't wait for the temperature to lower, this will be even more comforting!

Chicken Jalfrezi.

Although I have had better, this hit the spot when I was craving it Thursday night.

Prawn Cocktail Jacket, with cheese, Salad and salad cream.

This has been a monthly favourite of mine, and I have really been craving prawns lately. I reckon I could probably eat them everyday,

Chopped Mango and (full-fat) Greek Yoghurt.

What can I say? Mango will always be a favourite : D

Loved wearing my colour block shorts yesterday, it was great weather for it!

Is anyone else mango obsessed/crazy? I sure am, I think I mention it every other post ha ha.

Have you re-discovered any old favourites recently?

Thanks to the lovely Jenn for hosting : D

xo Thanks for Reading xo


  1. I haven't had a Mini Roll in so long! You've got me fancying one now!
    ..and mango too..its been too long!

    1. I forgot how light they were, definitely a good flavour to get :D And I feel like I am always eating mango, ha ha!

  2. Jacket means potato, right? Lol. I've only heard it called that once or twice I think :) Another blogger at prawns on their WIAW today too. You guys are killing me!

    1. Ha ha yes it's a baked potato, but it's what I have always called them :D