Sunday, 4 August 2013

Not The Way I Imagined...

Isn't that always the way?! It's a new month and I always ramp it up in my head to be a big thing, and it could certainly still be. After all, we are only 3 days in to August. I still have 28 more days so no need to sweat. I still plan to accomplish a lot this month but because of that I need to make sure I am time managing well. Everything having its time slot is what I am aiming for. But so far I haven't stuck to everything.

I know I know there's plenty of the month left and I intend to use it wisely, but sometimes I forget that life happens and that I am not always in control of it. It happens whether I partake or not and that's my choice, end of. It's what I do with those choices that matter. I am definitely not one of these people who says they don't regret, because I 'never say never'. Who knows what tomorrow or today brings, but I am letting it take me where it takes me. And that's the beauty of it.


Never say never, because you never know!!!

Never Say Never

Sure, I need to try harder to accomplish my goals, and not get too upset when everything isn't accomplished. When it comes down to it being productive and ticking things off my list is what makes me go to bed happy and sleep well. I'm letting my emotions get the best of me, and I need to start going with the 'just do it approach'. Maybe it's time?

Time to start eating better and helping myself. Time to start going for my daily walks again. Time to start exercising and fitting it in. I never regret these things at the end of the day. I only regret when these things aren't a part of my day. But I think starting from Monday, (because it's somebody's birthday celebrations today) I should set myself some goals for Monday to Friday. Simple. Achievable. Just the right amount.

Five Goals for the Five Days.
*Don't eat past 6 pm.
*Stay Hydrated.
*Don't eat unless hungry.
*Exercise for at least three days.
*No Cheese or Bread.

The last Goal is for my own health. I have been suffering some symptoms and I think it may be down to these two culprits. So, I am going to try and avoid them for as long as I can. Which isn't easy believe me!

That's all for now folks, speak soon :-D


  1. It's always interesting for me to see other people's goals. Your middle three would be fairly easy, but the 1st and last ... I'm not a huge cheese fan, but BREAD. Unfortunately Celiac's runs in my family, but I seem to be ok so far.

    Good luck with your goals!

    1. I know Jen I love having a nosy at other peoples goals too! Yeah my head hates cheese and gives me headaches when I consume it, and bread does the same to my stomach. But they taste great :D Although they will be easier to avoid when I am living back at Uni!

      Thank You :D