Friday, 2 August 2013

July Round-Up and August Goals


In General

As the end of the seventh month wraps up, I couldn't be gladder to wave goodbye to July. It has been a long month and a lot has happened don't get me wrong but I wouldn't want to repeat this month if somebody paid me. No Joke. Looking back on the month through various things such as; the blog, my personal diary, and my calendar that I keep on my bedroom wall. It is clear to see that a lot has happened. I got a car and I am so grateful that my mom was able to help me sort all of that out. She really is a lifesaver and there to help me when I need her. So I am grateful for her. 


Exercise started off well this month, but soon turned to crap and pretty quickly. I only worked out half of the days - not good enough (for me). Half way through, I am unsure whether it was because I wasn't taking adequate breaks between workouts or what, but my energy has been at an all time low and my legs have been feeling like lead. I googled it (as I do with everything) and it suggested I wasn't replenishing myself properly, something to do with electrolytes. So I need to come up with ways to keep me going for longer. I don't know it is definitely something I want to work on next month. I started strength training again this month, so maybe that's also what did it?! But one of the biggest differences I have noticed is that when I don't exercise now I feel "jiggly" and "less tightened", and I had been previously enjoying that tight feel that comes from working out consistently. Something I definitely want to get back next month.

Oh another thing I haven't mentioned is my Polar Watch has not been working properly in over a week, really hoping I don't have to shed out money for a new one! I've only had it 18 months. Does anybody know whether this is the average life of a Polar Watch? Let me know.

Diet and Eats

On this front things haven't been that great if I am completely honest with myself, and my weigh-ins reflect this. The bottom line is I have spent the month avoiding my responsibilities, end of. And in every sense of the word too. August is a month I am going to hold myself responsible and get going. It will be my month of productivity. 

Ok back to rambling about July, instead of August.

I think it was possibly coming back from Paris, it through me a little. But bad things have started finding their way back into my diet. Just junk like; Crisps, Takeout, Chocolate, Biscuits etc. And too much of it! So I think I need a month just to banish them almost completely. Maybe saving room for treats but that's all they should be, occasional not everyday.

Work and Uni Work

Didn't get much done of either. It's not that I am too lazy to get a job, but I thought we were going on holiday and every place I was applying for wanted people to cover their regulars who were on holiday and so that wasn't to work out! But I also didn't get that much Uni work done either. I made a start but so much more could have been done.

For those wondering, the stickers are the days I worked out.


  1. Limit the following; Bread, Pasta, Rice, Cheese, Sweets, Chocolate, Biscuits, Sweets, Crisps.
  2. Do something Exercise-Wise (No matter how little) - Atleast Every other day.
  3. Get Productive.
  4. Get a Job.
  5. Work on Dissertation.
  6. Re-read Books for Dissertation.
  7. Research into Jobs after Uni.
  8. Look into Races.
  9. Run Outside.
  10. Socialise more!
  11. Practice Driving more in my Car.
Errmm... I think that is it. But like always things will get added and adjusted.

But overall I am just glad to be starting another month.

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