Monday, 12 August 2013

It's Was A Great Saturday....

Not so much weekend, as I woke up Sunday not feeling my very best. But I am determined to make this week a success.

I don't really have that much to say, as I said it in yesterday's post but here's some photos I have to share.

Sorry about the crappy quality of the photos. We only had our phones on us, but it really doesn't do the day justice. It was a good day, and I am glad I could partake. I also took part in my childhood favourite, THE SWINGS. I don't think those caps justify my excitement ha ha.

Creepy Treehouse!

Me and Momma.

Me getting way too into it.

And a nice (serious) photo of the two of us :D

With all our ailments it's rare me and my mom feel this good at the same time. But the stars aligned and whatever else and we were able to just enjoy each others company (our friend Mel came along also).

Oh and the standard *photo in toilet mirror*, why do we do that on days/nights out?

I am hoping to get a lot accomplished this weekend, and to make sure it happens I made a list. A general outline of things I want to get done.

1. Dissertation: Reading, Research, Books taken out of the library (Visit Uni), and Writing down Ideas.
2. Get Eating back on track.
3. Make time for exercise.
4.Search for Jobs and Apply for them.
5. Finish Organising my room.

Like I said these are general goals for the week. I just want  a productive week in general, especially since I spent most of last week being on/off ill. Oh and I did a little online window shopping, and decided to make a Pinterest Board for it. I'm trying to save my pennies at the moment and so this was a great outlet!

So cheers to the week ahead, and head over to toast with the lovely Katie and others. Happy MIMM :-D

Did you spend any time with family this weekend, if so what did you do?

What were your childhood playground favourites? Like I said, mine were definitely the swings - so much fun.

xo Thanks for reading. xo

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