Thursday, 29 August 2013

Let's Chat Thursday!

If we were meeting tonight for dinner and a couple of drinks (alcoholic, of course)....

I would tell you all about my struggles to lead a healthy lifestyle at the moment. Meh.

I would tell you that I have finally seen Miley Cyrus' VMA performance with Robin Thicke...WTF.

Seriously hilarious reactions !

I would tell you that I have re-ignited my addiction to juice, courtesy of Tropicana 50. (Review coming on these soon)

Oh and Doritios, let's not even get started on those.

i'm addicted to doritos- and that's who i am

I would show you this funny meme I found earlier, and we would laugh (hopefully, please don't leave me hanging). Normally I'm not about the cat memes but...

Funny Meme for @Heather Creswell Creswell Kubala

I would tell you that I have had a slight headache all day...and it wont shift.

I would tell you that I had the most delicious breakfast after my workout this morning.

Mango, Blackberries + Greek Yoghurt.

Yes, my workout went alright, thank you very much for asking. But I have definitely lost a bit of endurance lately, and I am a little frustrated about it.

We would discuss how your day was, and then I would tell you that although my day didn't go to plan...I had planned to study in the was still a successful day and I am glad I made the most of it!

Maybe you would comment on my lip colour, why thank you! and yes it is new (only £2, what a bargain).

I would tell you that I have been loving adding pops of colour to my wardrobe and make-up lately, and that I have been trying to make the most of summer. Got to catch it before I realise I am kicking leaves, wearing a jumper and calling the season "Autumn".

things i love about fall

If we were chatting today/tonight, what would we be talking about?

Oh and this happened last night!

...and I probably wont be using the other sachet in the twin-pack. It's the Garnier Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask, and although my skin felt great last it is swimming in a pool of oil! Not good :-(  (I might be doing a review on it, but I am not sure yet).

xo Thanks for Reading xo

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