Monday, 2 September 2013

A Chilled Weekend

Happy MIMM guys!

This weekend was marvelous because I took time out just to chill out and regroup. My mind has been all over the place over the last month, and I didn't want to head into September with the same confusion. But it was definitely just what I needed.

I didn't blog or post about anything, on anything. Instead I caught up on some television and tried to get both some work sorted and my bedroom sorted out. I am moving out, most likely some time this week. I'll be returning to my Uni House, where I hope and pray there will be internet and another house mate moving in for company. Because without the two I don't think I could last longer than a day ha ha : D

Anyways, back to what marvelous was to me...

This was Sunday's marvelousness, and probably my last dinner like this for a while!


I took the photo pre-gravy, as it probably didn't look as appealing afterwards. I love a Sunday Roast!

Another marvelous, though probably strange to many! I really enjoyed the feeling of productivity, and spent some of the weekend studying : D Not on everyone's marvelous list I am sure, but the feeling of progress is what did it. The actual notion of studying was a little tedious and gave me a headache, but I got it done. So, yay me.

Luckily some of it was done outside in the sunshine :D That lasted all of half an hour!

I am in denial but the temperatures are definitely dropping, and I am afraid we are heading into autumn folks.

Since I am going back to Uni soon, earlier in the week I requested one of my favourite meals - A Pasta "Chicken" Bake.

These photos do the meal no justice, but I hope to be making it when I get back to Uni! It was so delicious that despite all the veggies between me, my sister and my brother we finished it off. My mom made the mistake of going out Friday night, so when she woke up on Saturday, my bro and sis were already digging into leftovers for their breakfast!

Well that basically sums up my weekend. There was good food, studying and completely chilled.

What was your weekend like? Was it chilled and relaxed, or was it eventful?

Any foodie favourites that helped brighten up your weekend?

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