Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sort-of Sunday Set-Up

Tomorrow will mark the first week of Semester 1 Classes and also the beginning of my last year. Scary stuff. But I also want to make sure that I make time to fit everything in this semester. No matter how stressed I get, I need to relax and remember that balance has been achieved before and will be achieved again. I just have to have faith in my ability to work as hard as I can. I sure know the pay-off come Christmas will definitely be worth it.

Sometimes, I will have to remind myself that things don't always go as planned and that is in fact ok. It is definitely not the end of the world and my reactions and decisions will be key to handling this. And that it is my reactions and decisions that define me. Lists will once again become my best friend, and like last year my caffeine consumption will borderline on the insane! The saying 'It will all be worth it!' will be in fact a daily chant that I recite to myself in order to keep my sanity, whilst balancing a textbook on my head and lifting some weights.

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What I am trying to say, is that things are about to become insane, but my handling of the situation will change the way the year goes. Even when things are stressful I am going to split my time into things I need to get done academically and things I do for me. Balance, balance, balance....obviously balance is not always attainable down to the dot, but I can certainly try right?

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I already know the things that make me smile, and so I am going to list them right here to make sure when I re-visit this post in a time of need they will act as a reminder!


With the cooler weather I now want to BAKE ALL THE THINGS!


Ever heard the saying often used by men "bros before hos"? I got this meme from It is so funny to me because it plays on Shakespeare writing. I think this is relevant because Shakespeare sometimes approaches his plays by writing his characters to speak in prose, but sometimes they may speak in verse. Retrieved from: by Tacoi Sumling.


*Exercising (general)
I see this very happy middle aged couple who jog by my office about this time every day.  I dedicate this meme to their persistence in exercising together regularly!
Baha...this is definitely me and my best friend. On occasions, I have been known to stop and bend over because I am crying so hard. Source

And because I saw this one too and couldn't resist including it...
Shut up and train! #training #motivation #talk #dare #workout #bodybuilding #shutup #weightliften #motivated #focus #healthy #hardwork #exercise #funny #meme #serious by ildhund86, via Flickr
Source - I think it has happened to all of us! Am I right?


*Socialising with Friends
Dick Clark´s Rock and Eve!<3
From one of the best episodes! Source

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: D Source

Ahh I have had dreams about organising my things like the above!

My plan for this week is simple as far as cooking and exercise is concerned. Make time for both. Check out signing up to a gym with friends and go for walks. Maybe we will even get a chance to go swimming or running for the first time since back! I sure hope so.

Oh and before I go...this film is out soon and I can't wait to get it. Did anybody else see it over Summer? Definitely one of my favourites!

Although the "underdogs overcoming odds" storyline isn't the most original, Monsters University is still a very solid Pixar movie.
Aww...two of my favourite movie characters right there.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and now back to the weekly grind!

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