Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Catching Up

Over the last few days I took a much needed break from blogging. I did write an important post that I want to share with everyone soon, but for now I am just going to be posting sporadically. I know I keep saying it, but I am still tired most days for no explained reason. But I've just been giving in and napping in the early evening to balance things out. I figured if my body wants a nap, give it what it wants and rest up!

And that's basically what I have been doing.

I arrived back in my university town on Sunday, and I have just been spending my time catching up with friends and getting settled again. It seems to have taken me forever to unpack and I still haven't finished. I guess I did bring slightly more stuff with me this time, but I think its more my laziness to get organised and accept that the first semester of my last year is beginning next week. Meh...I am looking forward to it, but I have the feeling that this will be the quickest year of education I have had so far. The year I feel is just going to whizz by, and before I know it I will be actively having to look for work. Maybe, even for jobs I don't want to take as well. There will be no more student loans and no more grants, which I find more nerve racking than anything. There's no guaranteed security, and as you probably know, I am not exactly a risk taker - instead I'd rather play it safe!

But I have this feeling, and it's telling me that my most stressful year is upon me. After 21 years of education I will finally be leaving the cocoon of learning to find my way in the "real" world. That being said it makes me want to make the most out of this year even more! And to go after opportunities and apply and attend everything I've never dreamed and also always wanted do. I have taken to call it my year of chance. Where chances are everywhere and there for me to take. Why not right? If I don't others will, and in the world of work you need to think about yourself before others.

Having a determination to not let the year slip away, if I am honest, is always how I begin each school year. But something always happens, gets in the way and then I am left asking 'Where did the year go? And how is it already examination time?'. That thing is called life, and is sometimes a huge pain in my huge behind! But I am hoping this year I manage to accomplish all of what I set out to do. 

My determination is definitely stronger this year, and I have this thing in my head like a clock ticking down as I cross off each day of my giant wall calendar. Letting me know on a daily basis that doomsday will come (my last exam) before I know it, and that it's coming whether I choose to accept that little fact or not. And you know what... maybe it's time to face it head on for what it's worth?! Instead of ignoring the fact, and hoping that time will magically slow down somehow. Be cool if that happened right? Or maybe if I borrowed the time-turner from Hermione so that I could achieve everything I wanted to do. 

Well, there I go again...dreaming. It's been a common theme for the last twenty years, and I doubt I will break it in the next few months but I can make a conscience effort to in fact embrace it. Lap it up whilst I have the chance and use it for my advantage. Dream big I say :-D

Are you studying/learning for your last year in education?

If so, how do you feel about it?

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