Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Snapshot Of My Tuesday Eats

My Tuesday eats were pretty decent, most were photographed some were not! I seriously need to start getting my head in the game on Tuesday's, especially because at the moment it's one of my days off. I can report that cooking and baking are once again going well, and that I am starting to get back in the swing of things. So, go me!

I'm just going to show you my snaps and then what I missed out, so that you get the entire picture. I'd like to say thanks to the comments I got on the last WIAW, they were full of great advice and motivation. I still need to start keeping a diary, but this week has been manic with back to school madness and a case of fresher's flu. I may have to start cooking my favourite soups in batch to ward off a potential infection!

Bananas, because you can never have enough.
Recycled Photo.

Muller Bio-Yoghurts.
These things are ace. Probiotics.

Boiled Eggs on Toast - extra black pepper!
A Favourite.

Jacket Potato, Prawn Mayo and Salad with Cheese.

I was seriously carving Prawns yesterday. I know it's a strange thing to crave, but it was oh so tasty!

Birthday Mousse Cake.
This is the Recipe I will be posting tomorrow. Disclaimer: It's not exactly healthy, actually it's super unhealthy but it's what my friend wanted us to make for her birthday and so who could deny the birthday girls wishes!

We've been hit with a minute heat wave over here, and so I am not ready for those soups yet. Though we did make a tasty leek and potato soup the other day.

Oh and the things missing are as follows; a naughty afternoon coffee from Costa, Green Grapes and Raw Carrots!

Thanks to Jenn as always for hosting, you're a star :-D

Are you ready for soups and hotter meals yet?

Is the temp where you live dropping yet? I know I have a cold but I am on fire!

xoThanks for Readingxo

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