Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What I ate...Tuesday

Happy WIAW guys : D Congratulations to Jenn and her new little chickpea! She's adorable.

Peas and Crayons

Now as I mentioned on Monday I have been tired pretty much for the past few weeks now. And it sucks. But I have been trying to stay motivated and energised through exercise, food and general movement. But I guess my eats still reflect this because I am all about the short and easy meals and snacks for dinner that I have been eating.

Bon Appetit...

It's one of my favourites to begin the day.

Pineapple Fingers...there was no Mango?!

Errm...I kind of forgot to take a pic at the beginning because I was too hungry. Sound like me right? But then half way through as I was coming up for air I remembered. And so that's what this picture is. I know it looks disgusting, but I am forgetful! Sorry.

Full-Fat Greek Yoghurt and Pineapple Fingers.

50/50 Bread with Corned Beef and Beetroot (and of course black pepper).

This is one of the best combos ever. Whoever came up with it gets my vote.

Fudge. Me and my mom loves this stuff, and it's the perfect-sized after dinner treat.
Excuse the chipped nails they need to be re-done.

Baked Potato with Cheese and Beans (and oh look more black pepper, shock horror).

These things are pretty good, and I have actually caught my sister worshipping them (only joking) - but she is the one who got me on to these things and so after dinner last night I shared one with her.


I love my fruit when its fresh, and some would say unripe. How do you prefer yours?

Any nail varnishes you are loving lately? The weather has took a turn and I am looking for some more Autumn/Winter colours!

Anyone else like the Peanut Butter KitKat Crunchy's?

xoThanks for Readingxo


  1. I have not seen the KitKat Crunchy here in the US. I adore PB Twix and the PB Snickers Squares ...

    I'm boring with my nails, I just have the traditional french tip.

    1. Really, I haven't seen any PB Snickers or Twix??? Need to get me some of those! But people could sell me anything by including the words Peanut Butter in their product :D

      I always end up chipping french tips, so I have to stick to plain colour :D