Monday, 30 September 2013

Sunday Set-Up...

It is that time of the week again, and I always feel better once my week is laid out in front of me. It helps me establish and remember what's happening. That way I plan around it, and hopefully don't get an unwanted surprise when I forget about an appointment, or annoyed at myself if I don't get some exercise in or whatever.

At the beginning of term I was all like...

classes aren't going to be that bad, I should definitely get a job because I will have plenty of time. Really, Clo?

I do not know what I was thinking, or what I was on but that is definitely not going to be the case!

I clearly didn't pay enough attention to my timetable. Being fair to me though, the timetables barely went live two weeks ago. Which in my opinion was ridiculous, and they should never use this method of picking modules for the academic year again. But then I printed it out and paid close attention to it, and it basically told me that this semester I am going to be busy....really fricking busy. It doesn't appear it if I show you my general timetable on here. But I also have to factor into this disseration time and reading time and when you see my reading list for this semester that doesn't leave that much time - at all.

Mon: 12:15-13:15 - WT302, 13:15-15:15 - EX325

Tues: No Classes. Phew!

Wed: 09:15-11:15 (Every Fortnight) - WT302 Workshop, 12:15-13:15 - WT375

Thurs: No Classes. Phew!

Fri: 09:15-11:15 - EX316, 11:15-13:15 (Every Fortnight) - WT375 Workshop

I am crazily still applying for jobs and internships etc, but now if I don't get a job it's not as though I won't be busy!

Originally I didn't have Thursday off, but I managed to be picked for the Wednesday Workshop group instead of the Thursday one. But my plan for work is to just keep at it, most days and get work done. Admittedly, I took yesterday off but over here I am really ill and it's affecting my sleeping etc. But I am getting straight back on that working horse today! Making sure that I am prepared for tomorrow, and caught up on my reading for the first half of the week.

I also need to make a complaint to an online beauty company about an order I received Friday. I mean who doesn't bubble wrap a face powder! Now I have a crushed face powder that has leaked all over my other items and is unusable.

Anyways that's enough moaning...

This is just going to be a general outline of my week. I am hoping to get better as the week progresses, and maybe even make a full recovery. Finger crossed.

Monday: Walk in the morning. (Hopefully I don't wake up feeling terrible!)

Tuesday: Go food top-up shopping and check out the shopping outlet's down the road. Walk.

Wednesday: I'm in 09:15-13:15, so I'll probably go for a Walk afterwards. But I have a doctors appointment in the evening that I need to remember to go to.

Thursday:Morning Walk and Weight Session (I hope so, because I haven't used my weights in a couple of weeks now!).

Friday: Not sure if I have got a workshop after my early morning class on Friday (I am praying it's a no-go!) Walk in afternoon.

Saturday: In my town starting next Friday is a literature Festival (The Cheltenham Literary Festival - The Times!), and this year I am excited because I get to go with a friend to listen to an hour long talk with Helen Fielding who wrote 'The Bridget Jones' Books. I read the first book over summer and really enjoyed the structure of the book, but I've loved the films since they came out. But it's always nice to know what they kept to and what they did differently.

                          Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding

Sunday: Chill, and catch up on work. Some kind of exercise!

So my plans for next week are very relaxed. I am slowly adapting back into student life and this year (it being my last year of education), I have high aims and goals I want to achieve.

That being said it's all about balance, and so I need to make sure that I am making time for the things I love in life and the things that make me happy. That includes exercise and socialising :-D

But to be honest no-one wants to hang out with me today. I am ill and I am starting to seriously bitch about the fact that I am ill, which lets face it is never good and extremely annoying to boot!

And to end some of my favourite walking quotes:

                    Walking first thing in the morning is a great way to clear your mind and envision your perfect day!

Walking empowers you.

xoThanks for Readingxo

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