Monday, 30 September 2013

MIMM: Food, Relaxing and Tablets

Happy MIMM everyone :-D Thanks to the lovely Katie for hosting.

That title basically sums up my weekend. Oh, and throw some un-needed shopping in for good measure. Really Clo? I think you can slow down your spending for a while you crazy lady!

These are just two of the make-up items. All my other purchases are scattered around, but they will be photographed at some point.

Moving on from de-motivating myself from my shopping obsession...

Ok, so it doesn't look too bad, but I have a leather jacket in my wishlist/ I may have to get list:


Source (1)                                                                             Source(2)

I love Topshop clothes in general, but I do find them slightly too pricey to shop there all the time. But when I went in on Saturday I fell in love and now I want to spend money on a jacket I definitely don't need but definitely want! To be honest I am kind of favouring the one on the right slightly more :-D

Anyways, other than my unhappy frowny bank balance, I have basically spent my weekend trying and failing to get better. I still have cold/flu-like symbols and have now progressed to coughing up gunk. Sorry for the TMI, but it happens.

Marvellous for me this week definitely has an emphasis on health and my general well-being, after falling ill nearly a week and a half ago now. This is why I have spent the weekend hydrating, eating and relaxing whilst remembering to shove a couple of tablets down my throat every four hours.

Cottage Pie... To help my throat obviously, and it didn't hurt my tummy either!

Hopefully my efforts will be rewarded by the end of the week, when I start feeling healthy again.

Leather Jacket on the right or left?

Are you now cooking wintry/fall meals?

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  1. The picture that you chose to share on MIMM is so cute! You look beautiful Chloe :)

    I like the jacket on the right better too. And it's less expensive. Win win.

    I'm coughing up "gunk" too so no worries on TMI with me. haha. Hope you get that out of your system soon and fully enjoy the delicious-looking warm food.

    1. Thanks Madison, you're too sweet:D

      And I have already purchased the jacket because it had a further 20% off and couldn't resist that offer!

      I am feeling lots better now, and I hope you are too :D