Thursday, 26 September 2013

Recipe Testing - Birthday Wishes Edition

This week two of my housemates turn 22, and so we decided to make them cakes to celebrate and test out our baking or in this case non-baking skills. Abby was up first on the 23rd and so this is the cake/desert we decided to make for her.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Get your thickened cream at the ready.

And your Plain Chocolate Biscuits.

Weigh-Out your biccy's.

Our Set-Up.

Melt Your Chocolate (All 400 grams of Plain/Dark Chocolate).

Break-Up your biscuits and toss them in the blender. The smaller you break them up, the easier it is to blend into a crumb base.

Once your Chocolate has completely melted, remove from boiling water to reduce the temperature.

You may have to get messy for this part, and get your hands right in there. Making for a smooth base.

Pour Melted Butter into the blended biscuits and blend it up some more.

I promise you the finished base isn't as gross looking.

Pour mixture into base, and put into fridge for 30 minutes.

(Insert Image of Whisked Cream Here!)

*Sorry there isn't a photo of this part. We didn't have our electric whisk and so we had to take it in turns hand whisking the cream. Nightmare by the way and painful, we now all have one arm bigger than the other!

*Basically, put your cream into a bowl, and the recipe says whisk until soft peaks before you fold the same/similar temp chocolate into the the cream. Honestly we whisked it for over half an hour and it thickened but we didn't get as much air into the mixture as we probably should have. But when you fold the chocolate and the cream together you can get air into it that way.

*Finally once it is properly mixed together pour onto base that you have left to cool in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Put it in the fridge for 3 hours and then go check.

And then light the candles (, and start singing).

Then ask the birthday girl to blow them out, whilst you poorly sing happy birthday at her (NOT -ADVISED).
Oh and pick the wax off!

Cut up a slice, spoon some ice cream out and enjoy...


*400 grams Dark Chocolate.
*600 ml of Thickened Cream.
*179 grams Plain Chocolate Biscuits.
*85 grams of Butter (to melt).

Original Recipe.

I would like to try this recipe once again, but make it lighter and healthier (if that's even possible!). Well you get lighter chocolate mousse's in the store.

Have you got any classic birthday cake recipes you like to whip out and make for people?

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