Saturday, 7 September 2013

It's Time To Scale Back!

Hey Guys,

Today I tackled the scale head on this morning. I decided that not knowing was probably worse than knowing, and so with those weighed up options in mind I hopped onto the scale. Where 10 st 7.5 (147.5lbs) was flashing back up at me. It's there, it always is, and we all have a number that we think defines us. Not necessarily in weight, but we all put something on what we are worth or how we or others see us.

That number means I am up four pounds. But am I shocked? No, I am not. With how I have been eating on and off for the past six weeks, or however long it is, it is no surprise. But I am hoping with a little diet clean up and getting on my own back about exercise I can soon turn things around. 

I just keep telling myself that it's four pounds, and a manageable amount to get off in the next month. So, by October I hope for those four pounds to be gone, and then re-evaluate my mini goals from there. My ultimate longer-term goal is to be 9 stone 11 by the time I leave for Christmas. Which when looked at properly seems like an attainable goal. That number though (137) is ten and a half pounds down from where I am now. And if we were calculating from today, which of course we are that means there are fifteen weeks until the twenty first.

But say I lost a pound a week, I do realise that it leaves 5 weeks, and in these five weeks I hope to maintain before I go back here/home for Christmas. 

Well I have come up with a general plan. Now to make it happen. 

I will keep you guys update, mainly whenever I feel about it, and obviously keep checking the right-side bar to check out my weight, which will hopefully be moving down!

xoThanks for Readingxo

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