Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My "August" Foodie Highlights

Not sure if our lovely Jenn is in labour yet, or even had her bundle of joy by now. I know she mentioned she was hoping for it in her last post, but I thought I'd carry on with the traditions of WIAW. Hopefully both she and baby are doing well : D Fingers crossed!

As the title suggests, yesterday I was a bad food blogger and forgot to take pics of 'some' of what I ate. I was doing so well (unlike in weeks previous), at the start of the day that was, and then dinner time came around. I was preparing the salad and baking the potatoes, that I was having with the prawn cocktail my mom had brought back from shopping. But I guess my hunger took over because I was just scooping up my last mouthful when BAM, I remembered I hadn't pictured it! #BloggerFail.

So I have photos from yesterday, just not my main evening meal! Instead I am going to show you my favourite meals as of late : D

Porridge, Berries and Nutella.

 Cheesy Chicken Pasta-Bake.

Beef 'Sunday' Roast.

That's my foodie highlights for this month! Do you guys have any faves of the month? Anything that stuck out? Let me know in the comments : D I'd love to hear what you guys have been loving!

xo Thanks for Reading xo

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