Monday, 23 September 2013

What's Better Than Friendship?

And Monday's are back with force! Well for me they are anyways, as I have two different classes today. Yep Mondays will be one of my busiest days of the week from now on. And the way in which my timetable has turned out this year means that I am taking lots of my CAT's in the first semester and not so many next semester. Which means the pressure is on to get the grades I want consistently across my classes.

Not a lot happened this weekend to be honest, so I thought I'd just share a couple of photos from Thursday night when we went out for Fresher's week.

It was a great night had by all, but the late nights finally got to us last night, when everyone decided to retire early. Marvellous is definitely friendship. Especially friendships when there's no thinking too hard about what you say or the way you behave, but friendships that let you just be you. That's especially a marvellous thing, and something that is often a rarity yet we are lucky enough to have!

Thanks to Katie as always for hosting this meet up : D It always gives me a chance to reflect back on what has been marvellous and what I am valuing as of late. And it reminds me of how lucky I am!

Happy MIMM guys :-D

Did anyone else go out for Freshers?

Are anybody else's Mondays busy or otherwise about to be?

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