Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Letting Myself Off the Hook

I think it's time I let myself off the hook, indefinitely. For the past two months I have been moping, unproductive and generally sulky. Obviously not all day everyday, that would be ridiculous but if I am honest I haven't felt 'consistently' amazing for weeks now. Don't get me wrong I have my days where I am in a great mood, but then I look in the mirror or dwell on the past, and bam my day is ruined. That's because it reminds me that I haven't been doing my best, or putting in the work that I should have. And I am the only one that should accept responsibility.

I am the one who said yes to every takeaway, because no-one forced a burger down my throat. You just never here of that happening do you?! No, that doesn't happen - well not to me anyways. I made every decision and there's no denying  that . I never shun responsibility, not any more and especially not over my eating!

But I really need to decide some things, and soon. I need to make my decisions concise and particular. I have never been a one foot in kind-of-a-girl and it has never ever worked for me to go halfway in on anything.

I feel like I need to completely do a overall. Not cutting any food groups out, but definitely cutting out fast food and junk food. Yesterday was my last day of eating poorly and today will be a new day where I continue on with life (the healthy way).

Basically, you will be seeing a lot of healthy looking snacks and meals here on this little old blog of mine. I need to make it a priority and put in the effort. There will be no more dwelling and only doing. I feel at the moment like this decision has never been more of a priority. I feel like I have to one of those times in life, where you can either make progress and mover forward, or slide on back to where you came from. One guess on which one I'd prefer.

But like I've said, I have been getting frustrated because the things that came so easy to me a few months ago is no longer easy. At all. And that's is what annoys me. Why can things be going so well and be found so easy at one point, and the next thing you know, your struggling? How is it even possible? One minute it's so easy to resist bad food, and then the next thing you know that's all you are craving. I realise it happens to all of us and certainly the best of us. But that doesn't make it any less frustrating or annoying.

It has also been 4 and a half weeks since I last weighed in, and I am openly admitting that I now really terrified to actually do it, which is why I am not going to put pressure on myself to do so. When I feel like weighing in I will. End of.

From here on out I am hopefully going to do weekly and maybe mid-weekly, possibly daily updates. How I am feeling and what I have been doing.

So wish me luck :-D Fingers cross.

xo Thanks for Reading xo

Does anybody else feel like this, or has felt like this recently?

What are some of the things you find helpful during these times?

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