Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Tuesday Eats "WIAW"

Hey guys, my eats yesterday were very in between. To me personally I achieved the best "balance" I have in days. I even got some veggies in, which I haven't really been getting in since I left Uni. So it will be really nice to get back, if only for that reason, and to get back I can't wait. I feel like since I have been back I have made things, but I haven't really created or "batched" cooked like I do weekly at Uni. And to be honest I have missed that! But it's nearly fall/autumn, which is one of my favourite times of the year to cook because it brings with it hot, comfort food. Hmmm, hmmm, I am licking my lips as I type ha ha.

Yesterday morning I decided I couldn't waste the morning inside and decided to get outside nice and "early" (10:40 am), and go for a walk! It was beautiful and definitely something I have been missing from my routine for the past few months. Sure my cardio on the treadmill is higher intensity, but for me you just can't beat a good walk. And it ended up setting up the rest of the day for me pretty nicely.
You know it's nice outside when you've got your sunnies on :D

Tuesday's Eats.


Lunch = Leftover half of sandwich from yesterday :D
The Cutest, Smallest Apple ever.
Dinner from a bag.

Has anyone else tried these? They are so easy to have for a fast and simple dinner, and they pack a tonne of flavour!
I added broccoli, sprouts and shredded green beans, topped with cheese. Looks weird but tastes good.

*P.S - There was also an unpictured Iced Soya Latte before dinner, and a cereal bar  and small beer after dinner.

Favourite Random Meals of the Last Week.

Oh and look what I found...

Check out this crisp guys!

Ever tried a meal from a bag?

Who's looking forward to fall/autumn cooking?

Thanks to Jenn for hosting this shindig, if you haven't already be sure to go over and check out her post and everyone else's!

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  1. Never tried a meal from a bag but could certainly use those on the days I get home from work and I am ravenous!

    Definitely looking forward to more soups in my life though not excited about the cooler fall weather!

    1. They are way better than buying frozen meals in my opinion.

      Same ha ha :D