Thursday, 15 August 2013

I Did It...

What did I do I here you ask? Well yesterday and the day before that I conquered the motorway (or the freeway depending on where you are from). I am so proud of myself for having the courage, putting my anxiety to one side and just going for it. I'm not kidding anyone if I said it was a breeze, pretty far from it. But I gave it a go and went for it, and because of that I was rewarded. (Ok, so I did have to take some Kalms and yes I asked my best friend to come with me. Mainly for moral support!). But I did it!

My Uni town is beautiful and so different from where I grew up. It's only a small town, but it's enough and has everything you need. I just enjoy the greenery of the town and the beautiful, easy to access parks. Where we live we are literally a couple of minutes from Pittville Park, and as we have become used to the area we have explored different routes to walk (and hopefully run soon). I love being able to walk a couple of minutes, and either go for a walk/run or go to the local leisure centre up the road, to either swim or use their other facilities.

On our walk yesterday I managed to take a few pictures to show you, and there's also some pictures on the motorway

On Our Walk.

We decided to go for a walk before heading to the library and then into town for lunch. It was good to get some exercise and fresh air, as it felt like all I'd been doing the day before was driving and eating. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing as it gave me great experience and was a big learning curve, but I felt like I hadn't got much done and after being very stationary for quite a bit, it was good to get out!

I love that there's lots of greenery in the photos :-D

Driving Back.

Or as I like to call it, "tackling the beast again".

Ha ha Alex was taking the photos as my passenger, and it shows you just how much I was concentrating because I didn't even notice this :-D

What are your first experiences going on the motorway/freeway?

Does the area you live in provide you with a good place to go walking? That's definitely one of the things I miss when I'm not there.

xo Thanks for Reading xo

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