Sunday, 25 August 2013

Review: Muller Bio Yoghurt

I am so sceptical when it comes to probiotics. I mean do they really work? Do they make us think they are really working, when really they are not? Are they just a roost to mess with our heads, so people in head office can have a chuckle? Ok maybe I am going to far, but the other day while shopping I came across a brand I hadn't seen before, and decided to give them a whirl. I figured they're a pound for six, why not? So, I picked up both Vanilla and Raspberry. My mom isn't a fan of vanilla tasting things, so I knew she'd appreciate the fruity flavour. 

First of all the taste test. And I have got to say they passed. It's a strong flavour without becoming sickly, which I liked very much.

Sorry about the missing bottles, I totally thought I had already taken photos. Turns out I hadn't!

Secondly, the consistency test. Now when it comes to texture and consistency with food and drink items, you guys know I am a bit of a freak and am sadly one of those people who sometimes likes food based on texture and consistency. For me it is all part of the package.

Thirdly, and this is a big one! I do think it is actually doing something. Or it could be a combination of all the things I have been trying to do and remembering to do. Including taking a tablet pro-biotic I got a while back and have been using on and off for the past few months. 

Who knows all I can say is that it's tasty and I think it could be kind-of helping. I know what a lame review right, but it's the best I have. If you have digestive issues I would definitely give them a go. Maybe for a month? Everyday, or if you aren't in the mood for a yoghurt, maybe try every other day. That's what I am going to try and do. 

But at the moment I am trying new things again and seeing if I can give my diet a positive makeover. It's really over due and so there may be a few more reviews on the blog from here on out :-D

xo Thanks for Reading xo

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