Monday, 19 August 2013

It's Easy To Forget

It's easy to forget how great our lives are. Our lives become busy and we neglect to see the good that comes of each day. So for a week I am going to commit to writing down the peak and pit of my day. I am hoping it shows how great the peaks are in comparison with the pits. In fact I am sure of it, but lately I have got too caught up in me and how I feel to enjoy the beauty of each day. And so I am using everything I remember from CBT to help myself again.

Anyways, with that said it wasn't a bad weekend. In fact I am going to start the peak and pit right now.

Peak: Going out for a friend's birthday and dancing the night away (after one too many drinks :-D).
Pit: Feeling exhausted and my stomach playing up (these two will probably crop up a lot :-[ )

There we have it the peak and pit of my weekend, and the peak definitely outweighs the pit!

So, without further ado I am going to share some pictures with you from my lazy but fun weekend.

First of all I got to wear my new dress that I showed in a previous blog.

Hmm... was just going through my photos and I haven't got a full length picture. Well, that's a fail! But the verdict on the shoes was I love love love them.

The Cocktails!

Mine was the Strawberry Daiquiri, but it doesn't look too good there!

Hangover Breakfast :D

Delicious and hit the spot.

One of the best hangover breakfasts I have ever had.

Definitely head over to our hosts Katie's Blog to show her some love :D 

Anyone else go out and have a great time over the weekend?

Does anyone have a favourite hangover breakfast?

xo Thanks for reading xo


  1. It's wayyy too easy to forget how truly marvelous life is. I love MIMM because it allows me to focus on what's good rather than harping on the bad. Love the dress! And I feel you on the hangover breakfasts...I've had one too many of those!

    1. Ha ha Davida :D Hopefully I won't need one this weekend but who knows?! And thank you, I love lace and it was a bargain from H&M :D