Tuesday, 13 August 2013

It's Not All Doom and Gloom

After just glancing through my past blog post titles of the last few weeks it's easy to think it's all doom and gloom. Obviously that's not always the case, even though it's much easier to remember the bad parts over the good. It's just been hard to regain the positivity I left  my last exam back in May with. That feeling that anything was indeed possible. It happens to everyone and I know it's just life.

When I set out to write I rarely ever have an agenda, usually I just write about anything that springs to mind. Sometimes, I do have a certain issue I want to address or an idea that I want to write about and discuss. And although I don't want my blog to be all roses and sunshine (because that's not reality and that's not life), I also don't want my blog to turn into a bunch of negative posts. Because let's face it who wants to read that.

But from now on I am going to be writing more posts on how I stay positive, and the tools that help me. Some of them are pretty typical, but you never know, I may do something that you like the sound of and want to try.

Positivity Camp

Always :-D

So, this is a just a very short post about what I have noticed and what's to come! Sorry I can't stop I need to get going, get driving and go and pick up my friend for our mini 24 hour trip. There will probably be pictures when I get back.

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