Saturday, 3 August 2013

It Wasn't Planned Part 1: Fashion Etc

Now I am sure every girl out there has done this. On Wednesday I went on a shopping trip with my sister to a mall just down the road from us. We were on a mission to get dresses to a wedding we are going to next Wednesday (started writing this last week, we are no longer going to the wedding, but they are nice purchases to have). Actually, we are going down this Saturday but the wedding isn't until Wednesday but it is a good chance for a family getaway. Where the couple (the groom being my moms cousin), are getting married is down on the coast of Devon, so we are right on the beach.

So, the plan was to find a dress and maybe a nice pair of high heels. But obviously I can't just go and get a single dress and a pair of platforms, oh no, I got two dresses, a pair of high heels and a bunch of other stuff!

The other day when I went to the mall to meet my best friend for a catch-up and a coffee, afterwards we decided to go shopping. Just you know to have a look around the sales. But in said sales were some purchases I had made the month or so before, but for full price.

Don't you just hate when this happens?

And so I took the vow not to buy anything full priced, and to only purchase things in the sale! I am happy to say that so far I have kept this vow and most my purchases minus the shoes (that were only from Primark) were in the sale. Go Chloe!

This post is going to be a little of what I have brought, from where and how much  for.

Sorry if some of the information isn't completely correct. Some of it was on sale and/or were special offers!

The photos aren't that brilliant, but it is so hard to photograph clothes when you are used to photographing food ha ha. But like I have said in previous posts I really want to dip into vlogging, generally about everything in my life, nothing in particular. So I am excited and nervous to begin that soon! Like I have also said before it would be easier to show my purchases through short vlogs rather than a blog post. Ideally I will be starting them this month.

So...without further a do, let's get cracking :-D

Coral Lace Dress from Primark, 50's style bag purchased from a Charity Shop (originally from Marks and Spencers).

It's a little loose around the middle but nothing a belt can't solve. Dress, £7 and Bag, £4.50.

I love this dress and love all the different patterns and layers it has. I can't wait to where it with the shoes coming up in this post.

Told you the photos were bad :D Dress, H&M £10.

I love this skirts they compliment any shape and size and I have seen a variety of people wearing them lately.
The Black and White One, T.K Maxx, £10. The Black One, H&M, £12.99.

Floral is one of my favourite prints this season and always.

Brought the studs separately from Topshop. They are so handy to add as a final defining detail onto stuff.

I have been wearing this tucked into skirts and shorts, and in the winter I can wear in by layering it and wearing with jeans maybe. (Asda George) but brought from a charity shop. I've been going since I was a kid and it's amazing the gems you discover in there! £1.49.

Meh this shirt looks horrible here, but let me reassure everyone, this no-sleeve  shirt was a bargain, £3 and the colour is actually a lot brighter in person (it's not a person Chloe!) And it's more orange than Pink. The high-low hem is perfect to wear with leggings too.

 I brought this thinking it was a S/M but it turned out to be a M/L. And I have just been wearing it to doss in, not for anything special.

These heels make me want to bounce up and down. Love Love Love these. Primark, £16. They need no more words :D

I really needed some new running shoes and these do the trick. I am a creature of habit and I always pick Asics :D I mean these are only my second pair but I really like the fit of the brand. I brought these a couple of months ago and they were £55. Not cheap but definitely worth it. My last ones lasted me 2 and a half years.

This next 12 months are going to be all about saving instead of splurging, especially since I am leaving University next June. I've always been a saver but now I have to be even more concious of my pennies, which is hard for me and the reason I want to get back down to Cheltenham so I can get a job.

Hopefully this happens sooner rather than later.

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