Saturday, 23 August 2014


This week has definitely had its highs and its lows in terms of weight loss. The lows happen when I feel like I am getting nowhere and the highs happen when I go to the gym and are able to do things I couldn't do even a few weeks ago. At the moment the bottom line is that I am nowhere near where I want to be. And honestly on my lowest days that fact still gets me down. I've been there, before, but not for long. But what keeps me going and pushing forth is that I am going to be there again, hopefully before or at graduation on the 27th of November.

There are big changes I am just failing to make. I am becoming conflicted and confused in my attempt to clean up my diet. There are too many things that I am trying to do at once. I am trying to eat Low Fodmap and Low GI all at the same time for health reasons. I am eating a Low Fodmap diet in order to help my IBS and so far so good. All my symptoms have calmed down and I am definitely happier as far as that part of my digestive system is concerned. The same is really to be said of the Low GI dietary changes I have been making, cutting down on high glycemic foods has been a huge change - mainly in my mood. So there are definitely improvements being made, just not at the fast pace I crave.

But I think that is mainly down to self and not giving it my all. There are nights out and I'm not one to turn down a beer, but I think that's where I need to stop. Only drinking for occasions or special events is definitely the way to go as my university days drift behind me. (It's getting less and less acceptable to drink on a Thursday haha.) But by abstaining from  alcohol, I know there will be rewards to be reaped on the scales.

Basically, I know what I need to be doing it's just putting mind over matter and getting the job done.

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