Monday, 30 July 2012

Getting My Head In A Positive Place- I Think?

My head is gradually getting back in that positive frame of mind which came so easy to me back at university. Yesterday I didn't have a good workout at all my head was spinning and I was constantly feeling nauseous. But today's workout was a complete turn around- it was great and I had so much to give. I've realised that morning workouts/early afternoons also are my favourite times of day to get moving and burning those calories.

I have a holiday abroad coming up in a few weeks, so that's constantly at the back of my mind (so is the dreaded bikini). But I'm honestly trying not to let that freak me out or put me off my journey which I've been saying from the beginning is to be healthy inside and out- which means no fad diets. So I'm trying not to pressure my body, so far, so good.

Although today was a good exercise day my eats were only okish. There were white carbs in the form of bread and half a crunchie, oh and did I mention I ate a few fries/chips that my mom cooked for her and my bro and sis. But hey these things happen it doesn't mean I have to binge or purge. I'm going to work on posting more pictures, I just seem to always forget to take any :(

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