Wednesday, 4 July 2012

It's been a rough couple of weeks. But I finally realised that in order to move on I need to accept I have yet again gained weight, which is fine since I'm going to lose it all and more again (indefinitely). I am finally in the right mind set and moving on forward.

Anyways I had been obsessed with eggs for breakfast whilst I was at uni, but since I've come back for summer I'd gone off them completely (I'd basically out egged myself- if that's at all possible). The point of this rant is I'm back loving them and have been having my usual two a day for breakfast. Yesterday I had cheese and bacon omelette, today I had my usual and favourite egg brekkie. This.

Hopefully this will gear me up for my workout today. And yes they are two crusts of different breads (I'm obsessed- best part of the loaf).

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