Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Bad Day...But I'm Not Panicking

Today started good, then went bad, I climbed back up but it took a bad turn again just. Lately I've been feeling dizzy and nauseous whenever I workout. Not sure whether anybody else experiences this? Anyways today it got so bad I couldn't do the cardio part of my workout, which sucked but I wanted to focus on getting better today so tomorrow turns out good.

Not only did I not workout today, but I've also had a sweet tooth and are now paying for it with a swollen belly. I'm not lingering on it and tomorrow is certainly another day, but I really want to get my diet sorted out. I used to have iron willpower now its more like elastic- not good.

It will be 5 weeks until I go on holiday and I really want to make this next week count for something. Progress is being made but it needs to be consistent. But tomorrow I'm meeting my best friend for lunch and a bit of retail therapy (though mainly window shopping- we are STUDENTS) so that should cheer me up loads.

Still no photos I'm terrible :(

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