Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Body Image Real or Not Real?

I've been struggling with body image again in the last week more than usual. I mean it's not unusual. I normally always have body image struggles and hang ups, whether I'm getting ready for a night out or just going to class. But it get's worse the more healthier I try to be - if that makes sense? Well for me it's always been that way anyways. Even since my early teens, maybe even before that who knows! Well lately I can feel the anxiety building when I have to put on clothes and go some where, or even just taking a shower triggers the same feelings. Anyway I'm trying to solve the issue and make it easier to live with right now. And I've been thinking exercise in whatever form is the way to go- build it up little by little and regain my strength slowly. So I'm going to work on consciously adding that in, starting small like I said.

Hopefully it helps, and I regain some control back over my negative thoughts.

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