Sunday, 4 November 2012

Down But Certainly Not Out!

As the title says I'm feeling down but I'm definitely not counting myself out. Well trying to anyways. Maybe it's just the time of the month, but I seem to be experiencing so many emotions lately. I'm upset, I'm angry (though I nearly wrote hungry- it happens), I'm annoyed, I'm finding others annoying. It's basically a never ending cycle of different and every emotion you can think of. As I've probably expressed or felt it at some point over these last few days. I don't mean to do it, but it's like I can't help it.

My eating hasn't been out of control either. I decided not to way in Friday. I know what you're thinking but I just couldn't face the scale this week. My stomach has been playing up again. I guess it really never got back to normal after my bout of gastritis last winter which I was taking medication for. I've been considering going to the doctors about it, but for now it's not too bad. Anyways I've been feeling bloated like I'm carrying around extra weight. But like I said I'm hoping it's just the time of the month!

I've decided I'm going to weigh in next Friday- the 16th. That's a definite. Whether I feel good or otherwise -it's happening. But I've decided to loosely start tracking what I eat on Livestrong again. It's a tool I've used in the past and have had success with. It's also drove me crazy but at the moment I think it's essential I track and see what's going on with my diet. And it's proven interesting so far, though I've been made aware what I'm eating and when I'm eating. I'm going to continue with this method, and hopefully improve my eating in general and also with my habits.

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