Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Recent Eats & An Basic Update

Well everything is going Ok...I guess. I'm beginning to do that thing in my head where I wig myself out and undermine my recent efforts and weight loss and everything else that's going on. I guess my OCD spreads to every area in my life. Chelsea from One Healthy Munchkin mentioned on a post the weekend that she always strives for perfection and it's all becoming too much, and so she's just going to give everything her best. And that should be good enough right? Even when I get good grades I consider it a loss because I could of got a better grade or spent more time on the assignment etc etc. Or when I lose weight I undermine that too- Only a pound! I mean I should accept and appreciate every loss but I don't. I want to weigh less, move more, have a different shape, a different face, different grades. I basically want my entire life to be different, enhanced in some way. But it's something I read over the weekend on Roni's blog She said 'Do not spoil'- basically don't spoil what you have by desiring what you don't (taken from a quote by  Epicurus). And it's true I'm constantly wanting something I don't have or maybe don't have yet, or maybe it will never be realistic I don't know. But I am the kind of person who believes if they want something bad enough, they can get it or achieve it.

Anyways, enough of all the deep stuff. Here's some of my recent eats:

I've been eating out of comfort lately and not out of health. I think a diet re-vamp is needed. I'm feeling sluggish, comatosed and heavy. I think the less processed, more natural is the way I'll be going. Hopefully the changes help mentally not just physically :)

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