Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Favourite Meals Of The Week

So recently I haven't been taking as many photos. It becomes tiring and I'm forgetful! So, I guess I am technically being lazy as I only photographed my favourite meals and they all happened over the weekend.

I am currently sipping on my tea, desperately trying to get caffeine into my bloodstream. I'm trying to not complain though over here, but I am currently running off little sleep that was also interrupted all night. Don't get me wrong I love the heat and the sunshine, but it wasn't affecting me until last night. I have heard people complaining all week long, but last night it got to me. And I couldn't breathe with my hayfever (which gets worse in the heat). Anyways, one of my pet peeves is people complaining about the weather, especially when it's hot and lovely out. That rarely ever happens in the U.K so when it comes we shouldn't complain because it more than likely won't last.

Anyways and on with the food I shall go, before this whole post becomes me babbling on.

BBQ Time

I definitely lingered whilst these were cooking :-D

 This was the best BBQ Bun I've ever created. It had everything. Good Sausages, Mature Cheddar, Cooked Red Onions, Salsa, JalapeƱos and Lettuce.

This was my second favourite meal, and an old favourite.

I've been enjoying these on days I can't stomach breakfast!

This was so good enjoyed in the sun after the BBQ Saturday Afternoon.

On Sunday I enjoyed the Men's final of Wimbledon with a Lager and Lime, so refreshing :-D

Happy WIAW :D

Thanks to Jenn for Hosting.

Peas and Crayons

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