Monday, 29 April 2013

Friend Makin Mondays #8

It's great to back, linking up for Friend Makin Mondays again! Thanks to Kenlie for hosting the link up :D


ABC's in 2013

A) I would like to travel around America. Soon-ish!

B) I love trying out different kinds of Beauty products, and always spend way too much in beauty and drugstores.

C) I go through phases where I can't drink warm Coffee, because it just makes me nauseous (I'm not pregnant!).

D) I have a thing about touching Doorhandles when I am out and about, especially in Bathrooms. All the way through high school and college me and my friends managed to master a technique where we got the door open using our feet and legs. A little embarrassing when people walked in!

E) I would love to make Exercise a bigger part of my life, and with Summer just around the corner I need to make the most of that opportunity.

F) Friends and Family are an important part of my life, and as I get older I realise this more and more.

G) Games. I still really enjoy playing Board Games. The other day I played Risk for the first time ever. Can't believe it took me so long. It was the Lord of the Rings version and like with every other game on this planet I became extremely competitive.

H) Home. There's nothing like it!

I) I was a very imaginative child, and like to think I have carried that through to being an adult.

J) JUNE. June is not only the month of my birthday, but a lot of other women in my family. My aunty's is on the same day, then its my cousins, then it's my moms and then it's my cousins. Like I said a lot of June birthdays.

K) I would really like to get a Kindle.

L) I used to be a really closed off teenager, and as I get older I'm discovering I need Love. Not just romantically, but to give and receive with family and friends too.

M) My mom is so important to me. She's both a great mom and a great friend, and words can't describe how important she is to me.

N) Growing up though, I was Nanny's little girl. Or as my mom likes to put it I was nanny reared. I spent every waking moment down there up until the age of 5 or 6.

O) It took me a long time to get my head around the fact I wasn't going to be an only child any more. I was 5 when my mom had my sister, and it took me ages to adjust and warm to her. But looking back now she's 14 and I will be 20 in a months time, I wished we had shared a closer relationship.

P) When I graduate from University I'd love to get a job in the Publishing Industry. Fingers Crossed!

Q) I'm someone with a lot of queries and questions. And even when I was little I was that kid with a 101 questions to ask.

R) Running is something I hope to get back into over summer. I love to run and watching my endurance go, so that's definitely one of my summer goals.

S) Summer. Summer. Summer. My favourite season!

T) I recently just passed my Driving Test!

U) I hate the fact Umbrellas always seem to break on me, and living in England, it's pretty much a handbag staple.

V) At home my mom has recently banned me from using the Vacuum cleaner, because every time I use it it overheats and breaks. Which is not a real big issue as I'm no fan of vacuuming!

W) Writing, is something I love to do both academically and personally and I believe that will probably never change.

X) I'm not a fan of X-factor at all! Yeah, that's lame but I seriously couldn't think of anything for X at this current time.

Y) End of Year is approaching and I can feel the time ticking away. But can't wait for this academic Year to finally be over.

Z) I'm not a fan of Zebra print.

So, there you have it the ABC of me.

Can't wait to read everyone else's over the week. 

Happy Monday :D


  1. I'd love to travel around America too. So many great places to visit! One day I will (when I win the lottery)

    1. Ha ha :D Yes Tim it's a definite with a lottery win!