Friday, 12 April 2013

Limbo + Weigh-In

I feel like I am in limbo right now. Ever had that feeling? You're getting stuff done but going nowhere all in the same moment/movement?! Well that's what I feel like right now. I have always felt that spring/easter break has always came at the right and wrong time. Right time because I am exhausted but wrong time because my momentum for studying is always on a high before break. And then after break BAM, where'd the momentum go?

I can feel it slowly returning to me, just wish it would get its jog on!

Moving on...
I haven't weighed in in 4 weeks now and I am unhappy that I've gained 3.75 pounds but at the same time I am just accepting that number and moving on to the next week, where I am hoping to lose at least 1.75 of those pounds. I don't know why but I hate .75's they drive me crazy! So, this week I am going to focus on tracking my calories in, and trying to get some small workouts in just for some movement. Which is going to be hard over the next 6 weeks because it is the end of semester 3 soon, which means the year is coming to a close and things around here are becoming stressful, with deadlines every week and end of year classes coming to a close.

I kind of feel like I suddenly don't have enough time to get done what I want to get done, but I need to remind myself to take it one step at a time and tick off one thing on my list at a time. No matter how long that list feels. It's all about prioritising for me these next few weeks, not balance which is what I normally strive for. My goal is to prioritise things on my list and get them done. I need to realise that end of term also means Summer is coming. I really hope it brings the weather with it! But Summer is coming and so there will be plenty of free time shortly, and in that a few months time I will be no doubt moaning about I miss a hectic schedule and my usual Uni routine!


I have seven weigh-ins before I return home and I am going to make every single one count, no matter how hectic things seem at the moment. I am aiming for at least a pound in weight loss every week, but I'd like 1.5 pounds if I am honest.

Motivational Fitness Quotes

With exercise it's going to be about getting in small workouts until this stressful period is over on the 14th of May. I will try and share what I am doing as far as workouts go here on my blog. And obviously I will be showing a snapshot of my food on WIAW =D

I have found a few good workouts that I want to try, and that I'll be sharing in a post soon. I will probably start the squatting challenge tomorrow!

Spring Break Squat Challenge ... starts TODAY!

Happy Friday =D

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