Monday, 8 April 2013

MIMM - It's Good To Be Back!

It's been a couple of weeks and it's good to be back :D It's going to be a short drop in today.

Thanks to Katie as always for hosting this get together =D

Lately my productivity levels are low. So, this week that's what I am striving for - to get everything done!
I need to make my crazy lists and plan to fit it all in so I can tick lots off my "to do" lists. And there's a few. On top of that I want to get back to tracking everything I  eat and fitting my workouts in, because they really do provide me with the sanity I need to keep trucking along. It's took me a while to realise that but when I go a couple or few days without a good workout I don't feel good, and I actually feel more exhausted?!

So, this week is going to be about pulling away from Easter Break and getting back to a routine and a schedule because I am craving it back again. Lie-ins are great but at the moment doing me no favours. I need to be getting to bed a couple of hours earlier, say 11pm and waking up around 08:30 am. Or maybe earlier who knows. My sleeping pattern has shifted to going to sleep later, waking up later and I constantly feel sleepy like I could take a nap. And when you have deadlines for essays and exams coming up within the next 6 weeks it's the worst way to be. I need to get the routine back so I feel alert and energised.

Spring Break Squat Challenge ... starts TODAY!
Speaking of I really want to begin this challenge this week, hopefully I can begin today =D

I am definitely someone who dwells in the past and lately that is not helping my mood, which in affect will come back in the form of anxiety and panic attacks. It's a vicious circle I desperately need to break out of.

But, today is a new day meaning I get another chance to start again and to start a fresh.

So, here goes my thoughts for the week to push me through!

Failure is not falling down

Better not bitter



Without passion life is nothing. What is your passion?

10 Healthy Tips for Fitness Success

I need to be reminded of this right now. So true.

And there's my seven quotes for the week =D So good to look at when your having a stressful few hours or a tough day. There little reminders to keep you focused and keep you going at least for me anyways!

Have a great Monday : D