Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Simple Weekly Goals

Starting last week I decided to set some goals. Little goals for habits and things in general that I want to improve.

My three goals were to; drink more fluids, stop eating after half past seven, and to get to the gym four times.

clock this


Jug of water with fruit- they had this at a hotel I stayed at once. It was really good! Especially for people like me who have trouble drinking plain unflavored water.

Like this saying.
-get fit in the gym. lose weight in the kitchen.

The first two I did quite successfully. I tried to drink at least two litres a day in mostly squash or/and water and only on two days did I eat past that time because I hadn't realised the time. But on getting to the gym I only made it there twice. Looking back at the week I had, in retrospect I think four times was very ambitious. I had two classes to attend, two assignments to hand in of a total of 6000 words, and to top it off I had a Saturday shift that I ended up working an extra shift for because someone phoned in ill. So looking back, shooting four a four was ambitious and I am now glad that I at least attended the gym twice and got a couple good workouts in.

My goal at the gym at the moment is to improve my endurance with both my cardio and strength and once again build myself up after taking a break over Christmas. Which I am not going to lie, it has been hard. Before Christmas I do not remember things being this hard! I know I'll get back there, but it's just going to require my time like last semester.

Instead of setting myself up for not failure, but just an unachievable goal. This week my aim exercise wise is to workout four times; twice at the gym, and twice a kettle-bell, arms and abs workout. When I was younger and first began working out at around fourteen, I would always focus on my abs but in the past couple of years I have neglected working on them due to stomach issues and it being a bit painful. But my goal this semester in general is to strengthen and condition the top of my body, which basically includes all of my main muscles. My back, shoulders, abs, triceps, biceps and obliques. I will have goals for other areas but this is the main area I wish to improve, because I now think it is having a knock on effect to my cardio because I can't hold certain positions and tend to slump when I workout and I think that's down to not having the strength in my back and abdomen.

Today is my first ab, arm, kettle-bell short workout thing, so I will let you know how it goes. Yesterday was a gym day and so will Thursday. I am also hoping to get out for a 40 minute walk on Sunday and clear the lungs, which I haven't done since November - it;s embarrassing if it's before that jeez.

My other goals for this week, which are less specific are to drink more squash and water, no eating past seven (and the reason I do this is because it disrupts my sleep and my energy levels the next day if I eat late) and the last one is to portion control. Lately, I have been eating in my eyes a little more than I need to be, causing me to feel bloated and lethargic etc. By cutting down on those unnecessary calories each day I am hoping that helps the bloat, stops me feeling lethargic and even has an affect on the scale. It's basically portion control at its simplest.

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