Monday, 27 January 2014

Random Snaps Over The Weekend

On writing this on Sunday night and I honestly don't know where the weekend has gone. It's been an odd one that's for sure. Not for any particular reason other than it just was... How vague was that comment haha.

happy solez

It all started on Friday which started busy and then dropped off. I went to class, then the doctors about my stomach issues (yet again), and then I naughtily went shopping before heading and staying home until dinner with my friend teatime. I just needed to chill out and avoid the library. I've been doing great so far, by keeping on top of everything and being well prepared. And so far I think my hard work is paying off...I just need to keep plodding, plodding along for the entire semester - fingers crossed!

But because I've been spending so long in the library I sort of feel as though I am missing out on other things. Like the gym, my usual eating pattern and fresh air haha. But I think I've come up with a compromise too all these things, something that will give the balance I need.

I wish I could get to the gym everyday, but honestly the thought of having to either wash my hair everyday or deal with greasy hair the next day isn't enticing in the slightest! In the summer I didn't mind. I had time to kill and working out, then taking a shower fit into my schedule. Now, however, it does not. And I am beginning to learn that that luxury I once had isn't in my immediate future. In a few months time I am going to be a graduate and from what I've heard and what is just common sense, entering the working world doesn't leave much time for a sweaty gym session everyday. So I guess that it's better to learn to balance sooner rather than later, right? Any other students out there having the same problems?

But like I said I am just splitting my days. Both are a priority but for different reasons.

My health, my children & family and my happiness. My priorities

So far it's kind of working, which kind of explains my weekend. I didn't feel too well after the meal Friday. We kept it cheap and simple with a trip to the Harvester (unpictured). But after one pint of beer my stomach had twisted itself into many knots etc  and I was in a lot of pain. This meant I got back, crashed on my bed and never got back up again. And apart from being in tremendous pain it was bliss to just sit back lie down and relax.

In the end I didn't get to sleep until about one and that meant I had six hours sleep until the dreaded alarm. Which never came because I must of a.) not set it or b.)turned it off and rolled back over or c.) I set it but my phone plays up and it didn't go off. It's either a or c. We will never know. But luckily I woke up for some reason or rhyme at 07:47 in a blind panic of it's light outside which means I'm late for work. I usually leave at 08:00 so that I am there for 08:30, but I didn't end up leaving until 08:07. To be honest I am surprised I got ready so quick. There was no make-up or time to style my hair. I brushed my teeth and hair, then threw my work clothes on and ran (well, walked fast) to work. And surprisingly I wasn't late...

That anecdote basically sums up my weekend...

Saturday I got back after work, and in an attempt not to fall asleep I showered then cleaned. Kind-of a bizarre order to do things, but I refused to nap and throw off or waste the rest of the day. The shower woke me up, and for some reason I just needed to clean something/anything. I instigated a cleaning of all the communal areas and thoroughly blitzed my room. I got rid of clothes I never wear and the only thing left to sort out is a couple of drawers of paperwork.

Then on Sunday I lay in until 11:30, again it was bliss. Although I had previously woken up at 06:15 and read for an hour, I'm so glad that I went back to sleep. Then I got up and done something I haven't in ages. I broke out my new yoga mat and started stretching, which I then followed up with some ab exercises and you know felt great. Why in the world was I putting it off? Silly me.

And then from there on I've just caught up on everything blog and YouTube related...

Then it was time for the weekly food shop.

And these are the random pics I snapped over the weekend...

Friday Night crashing in my Pink and Fluffy Dressing Gown!

Raspberry Yoghurt, Sunflower Seeds and Cereal Bar.

My new favourite snack #can'tgetenough.

Brunch on the go Saturday on my Work Break. I love this Gregg's Sandwich. 

Saturday Night Dinner: It was my favourite meal of the week #leftovers.

Why so many tissues?

A lot of this!

English Literature Student Issues...

Stretching + Ab Work before breakfast Sunday Morning.

Back to Basics and an old favourite!

Writing up Blog Posts.

Tomato Soup and a Buttered Roll = Perfect Cold Weather Food.

And to round off the meal I enjoyed the last two Apple Muffins. They taste sooo good with Nutella!

Any Weekend Highlights Your End?

Favourite Weekend Meal?

Thanks for hosting this link-up Katie :D #MIMM

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