Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WIAW: Since I've Been Back At University

Since being back at Uni after the Christmas season it was honestly nice to see an apple and a salad. When I've been eating heavy, indulgent meals I seriously end up missing the greens in my life. I don't know how people eat like that all year round. I like my chocolate, but I think it's best in moderation.

Saying that I picked up the best treat over the weekend. I love Ferrero Rocher choccies anyways but this year I have found them in mini egg form. I ask you, what could be better? I reckon a bag a week until Easter is in order. Did I already mention chocolate moderation? Whoops. But these are seriously good. I don't usually go for the typical mini eggs and Easter eggs that come out, but these babies are right up my street!

Ok, it's time to confess! I brought the packet on's now Tuesday and there's two eggs left. Although, I did give two to my housemates to now I don't feel too bad....sort of.

First of all thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Yes, I thought they were so good I had to instagram them!

There has always been a lot of You can tell I've had three essays due!

But it hasn't all been terrible and ruining my insides, I have also been sipping this beauty, a new to me green tea - Orange Blossom and Elderflower...I think.

I also re-discovered some of my old favourites. PB and banana on toast is always good in my book. And I've also added in a pro-biotic vanilla yoghurt drink that I was taking in the summer. It's tasty and it helps your gut, what's not to like there?

As you can tell I've also re-discovered my love for yoghurt. This one was ok, but not worth the repurchase, and I through in some banana bread for good measure. Tasty, but not tasty enough for repurchases. 

Oranges. I brought some Vitamin C Tabs the other day because I've been feeling a little under the weather, but I decided why not take the tabs and eat the real thing! Winner...Winner...

Another thing I can't get enough of is eggs. I like the boiled, poached, fried, name it, I've had it in the last few weeks.

I made a big batch of pasta the other day and have been mixing and matching it ever since. And I haven't been able to get enough of cheese or salad lately. More cheese than salad though, sadly for my waist anyways ;-D

Oh and on Sunday night we had/made lasagne as a house. It was good, but a bit too dense and unhealthy for my liking, so I am definitely going to have to make a healthier version. Does a healthier version of lasagne even exist? I'm not sure, but I dread to hear the fat and calories in the lasagne that I ate. Leftovers have been put in the freezer.

Soup and Rolls is another one that I've been loving. Especially the Tuscan Bean Soup that I get from Tesco.

Jackets have also been on the menu. Tasty, Cheap and Filling. What's not to love about that?

And finally these beauties! I got the basis of the recipe from Monica at Run Eat Repeat, you can find it here. But I did put my own spin on it! And they were definitely tasty. Thank you for the inspiration Monica.

Apple Muffins

What was the best thing you made this week?

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  1. Whelp, I know what I will be looking for in the stores now, those darn eggs. They sound amazing! The best thing I made this week is a toss up between Spaghetti Pizza Pie (kind of tastes like lasagna?) and Roasted Cabbage Wedges. Drooling now.

    1. They are amazing. I am spreading the good word about them. And that definitely sounds like a healthier version that I want to try! And roasted cabbage wedges sounds interesting?!