Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year, New Me...?

Like I said in Mondays post for MIMM, I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions. When I was in Secondary School or High School, whichever you prefer, I was. But I haven't made them in years. Instead I find it more helpful to set them whenever I choose to. You can choose to be a new you every day you wake up. That's in your control and 24 hours doesn't change anything. 

But what I will write down is my goals for the month of January.

Three goals seems a reasonable number to start here they are. Oh and these will more than likely be beginning when I get back to Cheltenham, as I am spending the next few days with my family.

To exercise five days out of seven.

and that doesn't necessarily mean get to the gym. That can be anything I want it to be. Maybe walks or a dvd or even strength exercises.

To drink as much fluids as I can; mainly water and squash.


To eat a 80% fresh foods diet.

When the holidays are over some may find it hard to quickly convert, but if I am honest I am really craving an apple now! 

Can't wait for normality to begin and routines to revert back to normal. It really can't come sooner. I love to relax my diet and skip workouts in order to spend time with friends and family, but I am all ready for it to be over with.

The reason I'm not setting any weight goals yet, and this is just a personal choice, is because I am not going to weigh in. Maybe I will at the end of the month, or I might even leave it until the beginning of March. I can feel for myself when I am being healthy and doing everything I am supposed to be doing. And so I am not going to weigh-in knowing I will see a gain. Call it what you will. But for me this is the best way to proceed.

I am also thinking about trying out a challenge. My last challenge was back in October, and I attempted a squatting challenge. Can't remember how far I had gotten now, but I didn't fully complete it, which was a little disappointing.

Here are a few I am considering...courtesy of Pinterest!

Arms, arms, beautiful arms

30-Day Ab Challenge.


Any challenges that you are embarking on in the month of January?

Have you set your January goals yet?

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