Monday, 20 January 2014

Sunday Snaps

I was going to name this 'Over the Weekend', but I ended up working all day Saturday, so there really wasn't anything to show there!

But I had a good Sunday until I got the headache from hell and had to request no lights. I dimmed my laptop and chilled by candlelight and eventually went upstairs to my room to chill. Every now and then I need a break from the downstairs environment. Don't get me wrong, I love sharing a house with friends but sometimes it becomes too much and I am someone who loves their own company anyway. So I think I am going to have a chill on my own kind of a week. Don't get the wrong idea. I am not going to be locked in a dark room by myself. Instead I will catch up on the YouTube videos I like to watch and get some work done, as well as having some "me" time. Which for me is necessary.

Here are some pics I took. It was just a chilled Coffee and Shopping sort of a day.

First there was sunshine, which already brightened up my day. I mean who doesn't enjoy breaking out there sunglasses in late January.

It was a cake day. This is the Tirimisu Costa have in at the moment. And to be honest I wouldn't be purchasing again.

I drove to the shops.

I took a selfie whilst I waited for a friend. I actually managed to put make up on yesterday. Therefore, you know it was a good day.

I had freshly painted nails that had no chips. Today they are already destroyed! How does that happen?

And to end the day on a high there was lasagne.

That's basically my Sunday summed up in six photos. Minus the damage of what I actually brought. Did I need a new mascara, no, but did I buy one? Maybe...

Thanks to Katie for hosting, and
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  1. My nails last ONE day. Tiramisu is a hit or miss.

    1. Well mine are now looking terrible haha. But if they look bad I can't leave them on! And it really is I had an amazing one earlier this month from Frankie and Benny's :D