Wednesday, 5 February 2014

WIAW: Tuesday's Eats and Favourites

As I sat down at my laptop I thought why not write a blog post, and then I remembered that it was Wednesday tomorrow and so WIAW it is. Thanks Jenn for keeping up this link-up...I only have myself to take care of and sometimes that's a struggle, so god knows how she manages to do it!

It's one of the link-ups I always like to take part in if I have the time. And this week I'll be sharing what I ate today, which is Tuesday. And also my favourite dishes from the past week.

Today (which is yesterday) I went swimming for the first time in about ten months. And it was so good to be back in the pool. It was one of my most favourite sports to do whilst growing up, and I always go through phases of going regularly to not going at all. And I think that was very evident in my swim.

I went with one of my housemates, so it wasn't so bad. But with the hours I have been putting in in the gym I thought it would be easier, and it probably was...but it wasn't a 'stroll in the park' in the slightest. It took a few lengths to get into a pattern, more with my breathing than anything. But it felt so so good. With each length of the pool I began to relax, and I could feel the tension melting away from my shoulders and neck. I began to get comfortable after ten minutes of the thirty minute session, but by the end my limbs felt like jelly. When your already poor technique turns into a half-hearted doggy paddle, it's time to get own! But I plan to go again Thursday instead of the gym. I love the gym, but on Monday I definitely wasn't feeling it. The main thing was I got out and went and got a mediocre forty-five minutes under my belt, which is better than nothing. 

I can feel my endurance and strength building once again, after the break I took over Christmas and I am feeling good. But I have noticed a pattern...when I am exercising regularly my eating is more relaxed. Of course it gets better, like most people, when I workout I don't want to put in the hours to no end and not see results. After all, that's how we stay motivated and progress but my eating also relaxes and I don't stress about food as much, especially eating out. I watch what I eat, but not in an overly obsessive way.

I have an healthy approach to food if you will, and that's one of the best parts for me!

Ok, moving on to the good stuff. There's a few meals from the past week that I really enjoyed, but unfortunately I haven't got any photos of them...You could say that I was enjoying the moment...

Yesterday's Eats:

After swimming I was quite hungry, but I needed to take a tablet before I ate and that gave me the time I needed to shower and wash my hair. I enjoyed a small glass of milk before I went in.

Once I was out the shower, I rammed a small browning banana down my throat (a little too fast), and got a bit of indigestion. No photo.

Then, I ate what I was craving...

2 Slices of Wholemeal Toast with a Laughing Cow wedge, 2 Quorn Sausages, 2 Fried Eggs (in Frylight), Mushrooms and Ketchup

A couple hours later I found myself peckish, mainly just craving sugar as it was nearly 2pm and the afternoon slump was setting in after waking up at 08:30 am. So that's when I indulged my sweet tooth in a yoghurt drink and a small kinder choccie bar. It was so good I spent the next five minutes choking on a tickle at the back of my throat.

I cannot get enough of the sweet-crack like stuff lately...why so addictive?

This was last nights dinner. It was basically a mixture of my fridge and cupboard...I haven't been 'properly' shopping in over a week. I've got quite a lot to get through before I need to do a big shop.

Whilst enjoying a whisky and coke I indulged in this old classic of a snack...did anybody else have these growing up?

Favourites from the Week:

 We went to the tea house again, and that's always worth an indulgence.

Over the past week I have been indulging in a whisky and coke when I feel. The first time since Christmas...

I've re-fell in love with an old cereal classic - Bran Flakes Mix.

And I have finally got going with the exercise, so hopefully more healthy food photos to come.

What's your favourite meal of the week?

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