Thursday, 6 February 2014

Taking A Moment... breathe. Because there is nothing wrong with that, and sometimes that's just what we need to do. Lately, I have found myself taking moments. In these moments I take deep breaths and think about what I need to do logically. And then I write down those things in a list...this makes me feel immediately a little bit better.

Take a deep breath and enjoy your life.
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This gives me what I need to get the ball rolling, and before you know it things start happening and your list shrinks in length. I strongly dislike feeling overwhelmed, like nothing will ever get done. It weighs you down in too many ways and makes you drag yourself around life - rather than bouncing around it in strides.

This entire week feels like a blur, like nothing really happened and I never really got going. I know it's only Thursday and that there's still time to get a few things ticked off my list. But I have also been feeling lethargic, tired and irritable. And I have to remind myself that this isn't anybody else's problem but my own. Another thing I have to remember. We all have our days, and I'm no different. But on those days it is really easy to take it out on the people around you, and that's definitely not fair.

Wheres your freedom? From the world. Your outlet. We all need one. Music. Nature. Art. Literature?
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Last night, whilst getting ready to go out, I realised how far I have come in a year and for that I am grateful. Sure, I have wished that I had felt this way years ago but I cannot change that, all I can change is the present and the future. These are the things we need to cling on to. Then it got me thinking about the people who helped me get there, my mom (but she's always there) and secondly my CBT therapists. Sue and Jane really helped me turn my world around and gave me back control over my own life. I have been meaning to write them a letter for ages now and I think it's about time I got on with it...after all, it's always nice to know that people appreciate what you do.

When you've come so far and its been so hard and you just feel like falling down Just take one more step | Inspirational Quotes
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My eating at the moment is off and on. One moment I can't stop eating and then the next I don't want anything at all. Unfortunately at the moment I am stuck in the first category. I haven't set my weekly goals this week and I think that may be something to do with it. But I also weighed myself the other day and I made a weight goal, which is something I haven't done in a while! And I think it has thrown me off, because that's not the way I work any more. I used to live by the scale and by the numbers, but now (maybe not forever) it's not working for me. Sure, I want to lose weight and get stronger through exercise - but not using that method. That's where I am struggling...

What method do I use?! With all my medical problems, especially with my stomach. It makes things difficult to gage when eating, and I find myself questioning when is best to eat, if I am even hungry. And I think that sometimes I over think things. Shouldn't it be simple. You can be hungry, not hungry or peckish, right? I guess not. I don't want to diet or go on a crazy fast or anything, but I do want to re-establish some goals again. Maybe, I have goals for the month again but readdress them every week with a post on how I am getting on? 

As you can tell, I am feeling a bit lost and down in the dumps at the moment. And I hate to be all doom and gloom but I also don't want to be dishonest and post about sunshine and rainbows when they aren't there!

I just need to re-focus everything, and come up with a plan. Not starting tomorrow either, starting after I finish this post.

Goals for the rest of February:

*Exercise at least 3 times a week.

*Don't eat after 7

*Drink plenty of fluids

*Listen to my body

The first three are my usual goals but the last one is a little different. I've included that one because I haven't been doing this as much as I could. I need to start getting to bed earlier, having some me time, and eating when I want to what I want to. Now I'm not going to eat all the chocolate in my cupboard just to satisfy a craving, but I am going to figure out what I'm craving i.e Sugar, Carbs, Meat and then seek out a healthier choice.

Fingers crossed that by the end of the month I am in a different position entirely, and I am feeling a bit better. This months only a short one and there are only 22 days left, but I really want to make them count!

What if you could see your struggling loved one as someone who has a bright future without expectation of when, where or how that will come about? What if you were a cheerleader without feeling she had to come through in some specific time period? Be A Loving Mirror.
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How often do you set yourself goals?


How often do you re-assess them?

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