Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WIAW: Hitting the Spot

Lately, my eating has been all over the place. I either want 'bad' sugary foods and all the chocolate I can find, or I am craving apples and eat two at a time! No joke. But I am about to show you Tuesday's eats. Tuesday started slow, and even after ten hours sleep I was tired! Shocking I know and for no reason at all. But I thought instead of pottering around in the house that I would head to the gym instead. The sun was shining after a stormy night and I wanted to just get out there and soak up some vitamin d. I am definitely someone who gets affected if they haven't soaked up any sunshine in a while. What can I say weather affects my mood, and right now I am dreaming of the holiday I want to take in May.

Moving on from my holiday dreams, I managed to squeeze in some tasty eats.

Unpictured: A Small Banana and a Vanilla Bio-Yoghurt Drink. I was way too hungry when I got back from the gym to take a picture.

Now for the main event of lunch. It was something I've been craving and I thought why not be intuitive about lunch. So a Prawn Cocktail with a Jacket Potato and Salad it was. Not the prettiest or even the healthiest, but it definitely hit the spot.

Unpictured: After that I grabbed two Oreo's from my cupboard and finished off with a cup of tea. That also hit the spot.

A few hours later I became peckish and that's when PB and banana came to the rescue. This is a classic and a favourite. Again I was satisfied by this meal. Unpictured: A packet of Sea Salt Sunbites and a unripened Pear. Do you prefer any fruits better when they aren't quite ripe? I have quite a few. I just think it tastes much fresher than way and the texture is better too.

That makes the total tally of three bananas for Tuesday. They were small but I can never get enough bananas.

After finishing up some dissertation work, I ended the night with a viewing of Pocahontas and a Malteser and Chocolate Bailey's Hot Chocolate. 

It doesn't look tasty, but I can assure you it was absolutely delicious and definitely worth the calories (which I am going to avoid calculating!).

Ever since I wrote the post about Intuitive Eating, I think I have gotten better with my food, despite in fact getting worse. I can't really explain. Sure eating lots of chocolate can't be good, but that's just sometimes the way it goes. After a chocolate packed weekend I have been craving salads and fruits again, funny how that happens!

Thanks again for hosting Jenn :-D

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  1. Your lunch looks fantastic! I definitely have to add some prawns to next week's meal plan. Your photo definitely just made a craving for me :)

    1. I go through fads with prawns...but always a favourite : )