Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WIAW: Or What Didn't I Eat

Lately I can't stop snacking. I don't know what the cause is, but I have been eating snack-meals all week. Instead of cooking a meal I have been just putting one together with whatever I fancy from the fridge. I have definitely been missing my cooking, and so last night I decided to put the turkey mince I had in my fridge to good use and make a spaghetti bolognese. It was ok, and if you want a lighter option over beef mince I would definitely give it a go. But all in all it didn't blow me away and I have frozen the leftovers to have at a later date. I usually buy extra lean beef mince anyway, but I got the turkey mince on offer, froze it on day of purchase and gave the bolognese a go. Besides the fact I wasn't reverted by the mince, I still want to try it in wraps and make fajitas using turkey.

Like I said I have been a serial snacker lately and I finally think my stomach is disagreeing with it. Suffering from multiple stomach issues anyways, I always have to be careful. But I don't think smaller meals more regular is the way to go for me. I have spoken to some people and this works for them, but I think that I am going to go back to how I usually eat and switch my eating patterns back around.

These are Tuesdays (yesterdays) eats, and I started the day with a friend. We popped to our local leisure centre for a swim. Something I am really beginning to get in to. After I had got back home and showered it was time for coffee and I have now ran out of my favourite coffee syrups, so Hazelnut coffee it was...

Then I decided to have some cereal with all my favourite toppings; almond slices, sunflower seeds, sultanas...

A couple hours later I got hungry...

...this called for crackers and an apple.

Another few hours later I fancied a snack-meal and went for one of my recent favourites.

Raspberry Yoghurt, Sunflower Seeds, Blueberries.

Apologies for the really rubbish photo....this was the turkey spag bol...promise to get a better photo next time!

Of course I fancied some chocolate and chose one of these babies.

And a beer, just because...

Thanks to Jenn for hosting as always, you rock!

Does anybody else eat snack-meals?

Have you ever used turkey mince in a meal, and would like to recommend I try it?

xoThanks for Readingxo

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