Friday, 15 March 2013

Weigh-In Update

So, I have been thinking what to write all day at work. That is in between the time I actually got to think today. Work was busy! But in a good way :D

Anyways, this morning I got on the scale I am a little more swollen than last week, and my eating and working out have taken a back-seat. Not entirely but it has definitely been affected this week. It's a new week right?

I did lose weight this week. Only half a pound. But then I say that and it sounds soo negative right? "Only" just shouldn't be in front of that. I guess a loss is better than a gain and before hand I told myself a loss or the same would do me fine. But then I saw the number and it left me conflicted, and it didn't sit well with me. I should be jumping for joy. A loss is a loss and it's all going towards something, something great, and I feel great. I am now 142 (10 st 2). But then I thought how am I going to feel seeing that 13 in front of the last digit, and you know what? Will it really make me feel that different? And I don't think it will. I mean it has in the past, but always in the end the number means nothing to me. In a way anyways, yes at the moment the number holds some importance. But I have realised when I feel great, that's what really counts. The flat stomach, the energy, that FEELING!

We all know that feeling, and at times I live for that :D

So I am going into this week with a clear head, it's a new entirely different week that we can never get back and I am going to make the most of it. That's MY decision. I want to feel great and I deserve to. So bring it on :D

I will be doing a post about my set-up for the week on Sunday. Have a great weekend! Just remember this for now.

Don't give a number on the scale the power to make or break your day! - Michelle May MD

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Good statement. Everyone is so worried about what the scale says.  Very true!

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