Friday, 8 March 2013

Weigh-In Update

So, my massive (to me) weight loss wasn't exactly a shock this morning. I have really been suffering with my stomach lately (as previously mentioned), and I can't wait to go to the doctors again for my blood test results. I am hoping something shows up because at least it would give me an explanation of why I am in so much pain.

Anyways, this week I lost 3.25 lbs, which is a lot for me. Don't know how this will effect my weight loss next week. I am way more wary of losing weight quick this time because I want so badly to keep it off, but again that all depends on me and I have realised now that I have that power and control! I think my weight loss is by no means too much. Since September I have lost 15 lbs, with 11 pounds coming from this semester alone. But when you average it out it's less than 1.5lbs a week which is within the normal range, and I guess as I get closer to target (9st 7lbs) losing weight will become harder and slower. Or not, you never know! But I am definitely focusing more on how I feel this time, and I love feeling like this :D

My goal for March was to get under 10 stone (140lbs) and I am now more confident that that goal is attainable. But we will see there's still over 3 weeks of March left and I am home at the end of the month so I feel as though it would be good to make a plan of action.

Another issue I will probably face is weighing myself in another room, on another floor, but with the same scale. Does anyone else like weighing in on the same scale, in the same room, on the same floor, at the same day and time? Well, that will be taken away from me for two weeks. I want and need to be accountable to me by still weighing in but I also am a little nervous and wary about how much those factors will affect my weight.

I am trying to stay positive and move on into a new week :D Enjoy the weekend.

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